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California Gov. Newsom Cancels Public Christmas Tree Lighting Due to Expected Pro-Palestinian Protests


California Governor Gavin Newsom will virtually host tonight’s state capitol Christmas tree lighting due to growing tensions and threats.

The decision follows warnings from the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights, signaling their intent to protest during the annual ceremony.

The Sacramento-based group expressed their discontent with Newsom’s perceived avoidance of facing public outrage over his alleged silence regarding the situation in Gaza. 

Yassar Dahbour of the coalition accused the governor of evading confrontation with an enraged public, citing Newsom’s cancellation of the tree-lighting event as an apparent attempt to sidestep criticism for what they describe as a shameful stance on the Gaza conflict.

Originally listed on the California Highway Patrol’s permit calendar, the tree-lighting ceremony was removed from the schedule as of Tuesday morning. Instead, the ceremony will take place virtually, with heightened security measures around the capitol building. 

California’s Virtual Tree-Lighting Amid Protests

California Governor Gavin Newsom will virtually host tonight’s state capitol Christmas tree lighting due to growing tensions and threats.

The area surrounding the tree has been barricaded, accompanied by warnings of legal action against trespassers.

The cancellation of the in-person event has not only affected the tree-lighting ceremony but also impacted plans for a holiday market that was scheduled to feature local businesses. 

The Sacramento Midtown Business Association announced the postponement of the holiday market due to concerns about safety amid ongoing protests nationwide.

This disruption caused by pro-Palestinian protests is not exclusive to California. Similar incidents have marred tree-lighting ceremonies in other states like New York, Massachusetts, and Michigan, reflecting the widespread nature of tensions surrounding the Palestinian issue.

As California prepares for a remote Christmas tree lighting and grapples with ongoing demonstrations, the decision to transition to a virtual event underscores the challenges faced by public officials in balancing safety concerns and the expression of dissenting views during the holiday season.

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