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Arizona Border Entry Shuts Down Amidst Deluge of Unauthorized Immigrants


The surge of unchecked immigration across the Arizona border has reached unprecedented levels, compelling the federal government to take drastic measures. 

On Monday, a crucial port of entry in Lukeville was shut down, exacerbating travel challenges for those seeking passage between the United States and Mexico. 

This sudden closure, instigated by the escalating immigration crisis, has forced travelers to embark on lengthy detours of three to five hours to reach the next accessible entry point in Nogales.

US Customs and Border Protection Tucson Director of Field Operations, Guadalupe H. Ramirez, articulated the decision, citing the redirection of personnel to aid the overwhelmed US Border Patrol in managing the influx of migrants. 

This move has led to the suspension of both northbound and southbound pedestrian and vehicle traffic at Lukeville Port of Entry until further notice, significantly impacting cross-border 


The alarming surge in illegal immigration has surged to record-breaking numbers, with over 17,500 immigrants apprehended for unlawfully entering the United States from Mexico within a single week in southeastern Arizona. 

Escalating Arizona Border Crisis

The surge of unchecked immigration across the Arizona border has reached unprecedented levels, compelling the federal government to take drastic measures.

The fact that this number was a significant rise over the previous week’s total of almost 15,650 detentions underscores how dire the situation is.

The Arizona Border Patrol has sent all hands on deck in response to this extraordinary surge. 

Agents have been diverted from various duties, including manning highway checkpoints, canceling training sessions, and reassigning desk personnel to fieldwork. The overwhelmed Tucson Sector, facing an influx of over 5,000 individuals in custody, has strained its holding capacity.

The situation has led to drastic measures, including the cancellation of training events and the reallocation of desk agents to assist in transporting and processing the influx of individuals detained. 

This influx has pushed the limits of processing, forcing agents to resort to virtual processing, conducting interviews via video for individuals physically in Tucson.

The experience has been taxing on immigrants from Arizona, who now have to wait for hours or even days to be placed under arrest. 

Reports have highlighted the distressing scenes of immigrants waiting along the border wall in Lukeville, a result of criminal organizations in Mexico exploiting gaps in the wall to facilitate illegal entry into the US.

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