New York Subway Station Plagued by Open-Air Drug Market: Safety Concerns Rise


The Kingsbridge D-train station underpass in New York City has transformed from a mere pedestrian pathway to a menacing symbol of the city’s burgeoning drug crisis. 

What was once a convenient connection between the two sides has now devolved into an open-air drug market, rendering it unsafe and, at times, impassable for locals. 

New York City Council Member Oswald Feliz expressed deep concern over the deteriorating state of the underpass, highlighting the prevalence of illicit drug transactions and the escalating abuse that plagues the area.

Reports reveal a distressing scene of discarded needles, strewn trash, and individuals openly engaging in drug-related activities, perpetuating an environment that instills fear among residents and parents. 

Draya Michelle, a concerned mother, shared her unease, opting to take alternate routes, even avoiding the underpass entirely, for the safety of her toddler.

Her sentiment echoes the growing apprehension among locals, with Brian Calle emphasizing the fear he experiences while navigating the vicinity, particularly concerning his children’s well-being.

Alarming Surge in Fatal Drug Overdoses in New York City

The Kingsbridge D-train station underpass in New York City has transformed from a mere pedestrian pathway to a menacing symbol of the city’s burgeoning drug crisis.

The alarming rise in fatal drug overdoses in New York City, reaching a two-decade high in 2022, paints a grim reality. The Bronx, specifically, has witnessed the highest rate of overdose deaths, exacerbating the urgency of addressing the escalating drug epidemic.

Council Member Feliz pointed fingers at the Department of Transportation (DOT), accusing them of negligence in addressing the rampant drug activities despite receiving numerous proposals for corrective measures. 

The DOT, however, responded, acknowledging the gravity of the situation and assuring the public of their commitment to resolving the issue. 

A spokesperson from the department emphasized the need for a comprehensive, multi-agency approach under the Adams administration to ensure the safety of public spaces in the Bronx.

Efforts are underway to reclaim the underpass and restore it to a secure and welcoming environment. 

However, the gravity of the challenge at hand demands not just immediate action but sustained commitment from various city agencies, community stakeholders, and authorities to combat the deep-rooted issues contributing to this distressing situation.

To revitalize this once-essential route and ensure that it fulfills its intended purpose without jeopardizing the communities it was intended to connect, the welfare and safety of the people of New York must come first.

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