House Approves Bill Restricting Biden’s Placement of Immigrants on Federal Sites


The House of Representatives took a significant step on Thursday, passing a bill aimed at preventing the use of federal lands. 

National parks are among the places where immigrants who have entered the US illegally across the southern border are housed. 

The legislation, introduced by Representative Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), garnered bipartisan support with a vote of 224-203.

Malliotakis, hailing from New York City and representing Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, crafted the bill, HR 5283, in response to mounting concerns about the federal government’s response to the border crisis. 

The measure seeks to curtail federal initiatives allowing immigrants to be housed on federal lands, countering New York City’s plea to use such spaces to accommodate its expanding immigrant population.

The passage of this bill marks a significant moment for Malliotakis, who swiftly took to social media to herald the victory. In a statement posted on X, previously known as Twitter, she urged Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to follow suit and do the right thing in response to the border-related challenges.

House Approval Amplifying Senate Pressure

The House of Representatives took a significant step on Thursday, passing a bill aimed at preventing the use of federal lands.

The situation in New York City has seen an influx of immigrants seeking assistance, with more than 130,000 individuals from the southern border having sought shelter, food, clothing, and employment since spring 2022. 

Only a fraction of this group, around 23,800 individuals, arrived via state-provided buses from Texas under Governor Greg Abbott’s initiative to redirect the border crisis to blue cities.

Among the contentious issues is the usage of Bennet Field House in Brooklyn, a federal site contracted to accommodate up to 2,000 immigrants in communal tent spaces. 

Concerns have surfaced regarding the site’s remote location, susceptibility to environmental risks, lack of adequate facilities, and the challenges posed by its distance from essential amenities like transportation hubs.

New York City has already invested substantial funds, approximately $1.45 billion in fiscal year 2023 alone, toward housing and caring for immigrants. 

Moreover, without policy changes, the city could foreseeably spend an additional $12 billion on asylum seekers over the next three fiscal years, as highlighted on the New York City Hall website.

The bill’s approval in the House now amplifies the pressure on Senator Chuck Schumer, urging him to address the concerns and take action in response to the ongoing border and housing crisis.

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