Vehicle Explosion Claims Two Lives at Rainbow Bridge Border Crossing in NY


A car explosion that happened at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the United States and Canada is being looked into by the FBI.

According to sources, the car was traveling toward the border officer building in Canada and was leaving the United States, Alexis McAdams of Fox News reported.

In accordance with sources, all government buildings have been evacuated and all bridges in the vicinity were closed. Alexis McAdams of Fox News is informed by sources that the event was investigated as a potential attack.

The explosion, which happened about 400 miles (640 kilometers) northwest of New York City, was determined by the local FBI field office to be unrelated to terrorism.

Witnesses reported witnessing a fast-moving car smash into a checkpoint barrier and burst into flames.

Explosion At Rainbow Bridge Close to Niagara Falls

A car explosion that happened at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the United States and Canada is being looked into by the FBI.

As per New York Governor Kathy Hochul, the explosion occurred at the main Rainbow Bridge crossing close to Niagara Falls, and the vehicle was completely destroyed, leaving only the engine.

She confirmed the two deaths and speculated that the car might have come from western New York state. The victims’ identities are still under wraps.

Images showed the crossing’s access roads crowded with emergency personnel and vehicles, and authorities on both sides of the border activated emergency responses.

According to the White House, President Joe Biden had received a briefing and was actively monitoring the situation.

One of the most busiest travel days in the US, when millions of people hit the roads and skies, was the eve of Thanksgiving, when the incident occurred.

US Customs and Border Protection states that Rainbow Bridge, one of the busiest crossings between Canada along with the US, has sixteen lanes for vehicles and is typically open twenty-four hours a day.

Hochul reported that after the incident, debris was strewn over as many as 14 lanes.

US Customs and Border Protection reported that three additional border crossings in the vicinity had reopened after being closed following the incident.

The park service announced that Niagara Falls State Park, which welcomes millions of tourists annually, was closed until further notice on the US side.

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