Oklahoma’s Parental Choice Tax Credit: Applications Unlocked Starting December 1


Next month, Oklahoman parents will be eligible to apply for the new school choice tax credit program. 

On December 1 (8:30 a.m.), the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) will begin to accept registrations for the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit.

The credit is available to any taxpayer who wishes to send a child to a private school.

The plan approved by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Kevin Sitt gives parents greater autonomy over their children’s education, including the Parental Choice Tax Credit.

In 2024, the OTC approved tax credits totaling $150 million. For the following two years, the funding cap will rise by $50 million annually.

Who Is Eligible for Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit

Next month, Oklahoman parents will be eligible to apply for the new school choice tax credit program.

The Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit is available to eligible taxpayers for up to $7,500 toward qualifying expenses. This includes tuition and fees paid to private schools that meet the eligibility requirements for a student.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has enlisted Merit, a company experienced in managing government education programs for Ohio and Kansas, to establish and oversee the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit program. 

The credit amount will be disbursed by paper check directly to the schools but made payable to the taxpayer. 

If tuition and eligible fees have already been paid by the taxpayer, they will either receive the credit payment from the school or forward it to the school as payment.

How To Apply?

Oklahoma authorities have communicated the necessary information to schools for taxpayers to apply for the credit. 

Private schools can review eligibility requirements and complete the School Participation Form at a provided link. 

Applicants must obtain an Enrollment Verification Form for each student from the school and submit it with their application. Non-guardian applicants are required to submit a Parental Consent Form, available on the program’s website.

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