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Russian Troops Rumored to Be Exposing Themselves to Enemy Forces


Reports from Ukraine indicate a worrying trend among Russian troops of extreme exhaustion leading some to take drastic actions to evade continuous combat.

A wife of a mobilized soldier, speaking anonymously to Russian outlet Govorit NeMoskva, shed light on distressing accounts from the front lines.

Allegations have surfaced indicating that certain soldiers are deliberately exposing their hands from trenches, hoping to incur injuries, a distressing tactic aimed at securing a reprieve from the relentless conflict. 

The unnamed wife, actively involved in a movement with other concerned Russian women, endeavors to rally support for the return of their loved ones from the Ukrainian theater of war.

Detailing distressing messages she received, the woman shared accounts from soldiers expressing sheer exhaustion and a yearning for respite. The sentiment is bleak, with some expressing a desire for any form of injury just to find relief from the intense strain of combat.

While the woman did not disclose the specific sources of these claims, she affirmed her communication with her husband and close friends stationed at the front lines, indicating the pervasive nature of this distress among Russian soldiers.

Russian Troops Seeking Escape from Combat

Reports from Ukraine indicate a worrying trend among Russian troops extreme exhaustion leading some to take drastic actions to evade continuous combat.

Previous reports revealed instances of soldiers attempting to intentionally injure themselves to escape combat duty, including instances of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Soldiers deployed to Ukraine find themselves grappling with arduous conditions: overstretched, underequipped, and subjected to harsh treatment by superiors. Families, deeply concerned about their loved ones’ well-being, have petitioned for their return to Russia. 

However, dissent against the military can lead to legal repercussions, causing further distress among families.

The woman, part of a movement advocating for soldiers’ return, expressed her husband’s prolonged deployment since September 2022, contrary to promises of a brief six-month tenure. Her concerns extend beyond fatigue-induced accidents, fearing the toll of prolonged fatigue might lead to tragic errors on the battlefield.

While refraining from criticizing Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, she appeals for compassion towards the soldiers compelled into action. With a growing movement of 8,000 members seeking to organize protests, they face resistance from local authorities, impeding their efforts to highlight the plight of these exhausted soldiers.

The situation paints a distressing picture of the toll exacted on soldiers engaged in relentless combat, sparking concerns about their mental and physical well-being amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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