Georgia’s Inmate Faces Charges for Alleged Racially Motivated Murder of Cellmate, Sheriff Says


Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is probing a racially motivated killing at Jonesboro, Georgia’s Clayton County Jail on Sunday.

The incident involved an inmate allegedly beating his cellmate to death, citing racial animosity as the motive.

According to Sheriff Levon Allen, inmate Jaquez Jackson fatally assaulted his cellmate using his bare hands, violently attacking him by punching, kicking, and slamming his head on a toilet, solely based on racial prejudice. Although the victim’s identity remains undisclosed, investigations are ongoing.

Sheriff Allen revealed that during the investigation, Jackson expressed strong aversion towards individuals of Mexican/Hispanic descent, repeatedly stating his desire to harm them.

Jackson faces severe charges including murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, and instigating a penal riot. His prior incarceration stemmed from misdemeanor charges like simple battery, assault, trespassing, terroristic threats, and obstruction of an officer.

Despite being sentenced to five years with a year in jail and four on probation, Jackson’s probation was revoked in August this year.

Gregoria’s Impact on Jail Improvements

Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is probing a racially motivated killing at Jonesboro, Georgia’s Clayton County Jail on Sunday.

The Sheriff’s Office has enlisted the Clayton County Medical Examiner’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to assist in the ongoing investigation.

This tragic incident comes amid Senator Jon Ossoff’s call for a federal civil rights investigation into alleged inmate mistreatment at the Clayton County Jail. Ossoff cited troubling conditions and preventable deaths, emphasizing a pattern of civil rights violations jeopardizing public trust.

The call for federal intervention follows previous DOJ actions against the then-Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, found guilty of civil rights violations concerning jail detainees.

Sheriff Allen mentioned ongoing efforts by the Sheriff’s Office and the Board of Commissioners to enhance the jail’s conditions, including $5 million for facility upgrades, acknowledging overcrowding issues with nearly 400 more inmates than capacity.

He emphasized the pressing need for an additional $6.5 million from the board of commissioners to expand the jail’s capacity and address overcrowding concerns that have led to inmates being housed on floors and three in each cell. These measures are pivotal for improving the living conditions and safety within the facility.

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