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Jerry Brown’s Biden Approval Bypasses Mention of Kamala Harris


Former California Governor Jerry Brown commended President Biden while refraining from addressing Vice President Kamala Harris in his remarks.

Brown, who held the governorship from 2011 to 2019, overlapped his tenure with Harris’s stint as California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017.

In his conversation with NBC’s Peter Nicholas, Brown touched upon various subjects, delving into topics like the U.S.-China relationship, media dynamics, and the forthcoming 2024 presidential election. 

At the age of 85, Jerry Brown conveyed apprehension regarding the public’s apprehension about President Biden’s advancing years. 

However, Brown firmly stated his belief that concerns about Biden’s mental acuity would not become a concern until the president reached the same age as Brown himself, showcasing a sense of assurance in Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Jerry Brown’s Silence on Vice President Harris

Former California Governor Jerry Brown commended President Biden while refraining from addressing Vice President Kamala Harris in his remarks.

Although Jerry Brown openly commended President Biden, he conspicuously refrained from sharing any thoughts or remarks regarding Vice President Harris. His deliberate avoidance of discussing or offering opinions about Harris seemed intentional, especially considering the escalating criticisms surrounding her period in office.

Harris has faced significant scrutiny since assuming the vice presidency, enduring historically low approval ratings and struggling to establish a consistent and defining role within the administration.

Recent surveys, which encompass the RealClearPolitics aggregated data on Vice President Harris’s job performance ratings, portray a significant shortfall in her public approval. These polls highlight a substantial gap of more than 20 points between the level of approval and disapproval that Harris receives from the public.

This predicament places her beneath even President Biden’s struggling numbers, adding to the challenges faced by the Biden-Harris administration.

Compounding the situation, a series of polls suggest that in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 race, former President Donald Trump would outpace the Biden-Harris ticket. 

The data underscores a challenging landscape for Harris and the Biden administration, signaling the need for strategic recalibration and effective communication to address persisting concerns and bolster public support.

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