8 Weird Texas Laws That Defy Explanation (But Are Real!)


Texas is renowned for its size, but it’s also well-known for its weird legal system. They may appear strange and antiquated, but they are still in use.

8 Weird Texas Laws

These are 8 weird laws in Texas that you should be aware of.

Using a Feather Duster to Clean

In Clarendon, Texas, avoid cleaning a somewhat shabby building with a feather duster as it’s surprisingly illegal.

The law’s origin remains a mystery, and while authorities may be puzzled by it, using a different cleaning tool is advisable, with no serious consequences likely.

Going Barefoot in Public

In certain Texas cities, going barefoot in public due to blisters could lead to legal trouble. 

Some areas mandate a $5 permit for barefooting, though the process remains mysterious. If you have the permit, feel free to flaunt your toes, but without it, it’s best to keep your sneakers on at all times.

Spitting In Public

El Paso takes a different tack than other places where it’s either forbidden or discouraged to spit in public. 

The freedom to spit is protected by city law, so individuals can spit in public without worrying about getting in trouble.

In contrast to other places where spitting is frowned upon or even dangerous for your health, this is an intriguing contrast.

Even though it might be legal in El Paso, it’s still crucial to remember to be considerate of other people and maintain proper hygiene when in public areas.

Texas is renowned for its size, but it’s also well-known for its weird legal system. They may appear strange and antiquated, but they are still in use.

Eating Cheese on Sunday

In Houston, you could get into legal problems for even a tiny taste of hamburger cheese on a Sunday. 

The city’s rules don’t just apply to cheese; buying beer on Sundays after midnight is also forbidden.

Selling Your Eyes

According to Texas Penal Code Section 48.02, trying to sell your eyes is a Class A misdemeanor violation that is punishable by up to four thousand dollars in fines or jail time. 

Therefore, you might want to avoid doing business in the Lone Star State if you intend to capitalize on your eyes.

Standing While Drinking

Why the law forbade standing while intoxicated was created is a mystery, as is the reason it hasn’t been overturned.

Even though there’s not much chance of getting in trouble for drinking a pint while standing, it’s still a good idea to be safe and sit down before you indulge.

Adjusting Your Stockings

It’s best to stay out of the spotlight when pulling your stockings up in Dennison or Bristol, Texas. 

It’s best to avoid pulling them up, even if they are sliding down your leg, as doing so may result in a year-long punishment in the state penitentiary. 

Buying or Using Encyclopedia

If you’re trying to find answers, stick with Google. Using the Britannica could get you into legal issues. Beer is the only reason Texas has banned the entire book series.

Respecting the law, Texans are not allowed to convert their houses into breweries; in fact, it is illegal to follow the recipe for beer found in the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

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