Top 5 Cafes Globally for Instagram Worthy Moments


In an era where social media drives trends and experiences, finding the perfect spot for Instagram-worthy moments has become a priority for many. 

Cafes, with their cozy ambiance, unique decor, and delectable offerings, have emerged as go-to destinations for capturing those aesthetically pleasing snapshots. 

Here’s a rundown of five globally renowned cafes that not only offer delightful culinary experiences but also serve as a paradise for Instagram enthusiasts.

Sketch, London, United Kingdom


Nestled in London’s Mayfair district, Sketch is a whimsical wonderland known for its eccentric and art-centric design. Its pink-hued Gallery room, adorned with David Shrigley’s witty artwork, offers an otherworldly dining experience. The egg-shaped pod restrooms and the plush pink velvet seats add to the venue’s allure, making every corner an Instagrammable masterpiece.

Elan Cafe, London, United Kingdom

Another gem in London’s vibrant café scene is Elan Café, celebrated for its floral charm and pastel aesthetics. Each branch boasts unique floral installations and chic interiors, creating picture-perfect settings. Whether it’s the flower-adorned walls or the intricate latte art, Elan Café promises a visual feast for your Instagram feed.

Gogyo, Tokyo, Japan

Gogyo in Tokyo provides a unique experience combining culinary enjoyment and aesthetic attractiveness. Renowned for its captivating ‘Kogashi’ ramen, a burnt and blackened ramen dish, the restaurant’s gloomy and dark ambiance makes for an arresting backdrop for gorgeous photos. The dish’s striking contrast with the surroundings creates visually striking images.

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney, Australia

Stepping into The Grounds of Alexandria feels like entering a whimsical wonderland. This sprawling cafe encompasses a rustic charm with its lush gardens, flower-filled lanes, and captivating rustic settings. The picturesque farmyard animals and captivating floral arrangements provide numerous Instagram opportunities, making it a favorite spot for influencers and visitors alike.

Elan Cafe, New York City, USA

Elan Cafe, the New York outpost of the London favorite, offers a similar enchanting experience. This chic cafe is known for its flower walls, minimalist decor, and delectable menu. The carefully curated aesthetic, from the elegant marble tabletops to the charming floral embellishments, makes it a hotspot for capturing delightful moments to share on social media.

These internationally renowned cafes offer more than just delicious treats; they also offer captivating and picturesque settings, satisfying the craving for flawless and Instagram-worthy moments that populate social media platforms across the globe.

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