Meghan Markle Expresses Anger Over Allegations Regarding Royal Life Attitude


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure from their royal roles in 2020 marked a turning point, one that seemingly severed ties with the royal family. 

Their public disclosures, ranging from the explosive Oprah interview to Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoir, Spare, have deepened the chasm, leaving little room for reconciliation. 

The recent comments by Lady Glenconner, a maid of honor at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, have only fueled this divide.

In her podcast appearance, Lady Glenconner remarked on Meghan Markle’s stint within the royal sphere, expressing a sentiment that Meghan seemed unaware of the expectations placed upon her. She painted a picture of Meghan viewing her role through the lens of an actress, expecting a fairy tale existence of golden carriages and glamour.

Lady Glenconner’s sentiments extended further as she appeared to hold Meghan responsible for the rift within the royal family, eliciting pity for Prince Harry. Her views resonated with others, including former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who reportedly shared similar sympathies for Harry during King Charles’ coronation.

Meghan Markle Distresses Over Portrayal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure from their royal roles in 2020 marked a turning point, one that seemingly severed ties with the royal family.

Meghan Markle has reportedly taken notice of these comments and is said to be deeply distressed and angered by the depiction of her supposed lack of concern or commitment to her royal responsibilities.

Sources close to the Duchess of Sussex reveal her dismay, describing Lady Glenconner’s words as a devastating critique that essentially accuses Meghan of trivializing her royal role to boost her celebrity status.

Meghan interprets these remarks as part of a continual effort to damage her reputation, causing her to feel singled out and inaccurately portrayed. 

She sees the royal family as actively embracing public support for Prince Harry while strategically using this sentiment to further demonize her in the eyes of the public. 

This perception reinforces her belief that she is being unfairly targeted and manipulated within the narrative surrounding their relationship with the royal family. As this saga unfolds, it appears that the divide between the ex-royals and the monarchy continues to widen. 

The fallout from these recent statements reinforces the existing tensions, underscoring the apparent lack of resolution on the horizon for this deeply strained relationship.

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