Hundreds of US Officials Sign Letter Opposing Biden’s Israel Policy


In a compelling development within the US political landscape, hundreds of officials have merged in a potent appeal to President Joe Biden. Their request? To reevaluate the nation’s stance towards Israel amidst its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

The letter, a palpable symbol of burgeoning discontent, bears the signatures of over 400 government officials. As reported by the New York Times, these signatories implore President Biden to champion an immediate cessation of hostilities. 

They urge him to exert pressure on Israel to permit the flow of humanitarian aid into the beleaguered territory of Gaza.

The text of the letter is a clarion call for action: an urgent request for a ceasefire, the release of Israeli hostages and arbitrarily detained Palestinians, the restoration of essential services in Gaza, and the unimpeded passage of humanitarian aid.

Israel’s declaration of war against Hamas, with the express aim of ousting the group from Gaza and dismantling its military prowess, came in the wake of the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks. 

These attacks left approximately 1,200 people dead in southern Israel, predominantly civilians, including women and children. Many bore the scars of torture, some were burned alive, and about 260 lost their lives at an outdoor concert.

The Israeli military’s initial response, characterized by airstrikes and bombings, wrought devastating losses in the Gaza Strip. 

The death toll soared, primarily due to Hamas’s tactics of embedding within civilian populations, thus incurring heavy casualties and using the civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, mosques, and schools, to shield themselves.

US Divisions Amid Global Pleas for Israel-Gaza Ceasefire

In a compelling development within the US political landscape, hundreds of officials have merged in a potent appeal to President Joe Biden.

This strategy, coupled with an extensive tunnel network under densely populated areas, has led to catastrophic destruction in Gaza, sparking global calls for a ceasefire. 

However, the Biden administration has yet to echo these demands. While acknowledging Israel’s need to minimize civilian casualties, the US supports brief pauses in the conflict for humanitarian and evacuation purposes, aligning with Israel’s stance against Hamas’s continued rule in Gaza.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, addressing internal dissent over this policy, highlighted the department’s strength in embracing diverse viewpoints. 

He noted the importance of hearing and considering different perspectives on the conflict, although this does not necessarily translate into a policy shift.

Senior State Department official Josh Paul’s resignation last month from the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs over the US policy of providing lethal assistance to Israel underscores the depth of this internal conflict.

The State Department is not alone in facing internal opposition. Over 30 groups focused on humanitarian aid, human rights, and civilian protection have petitioned Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. 

Their plea is to halt the provision of 155mm munitions to Israel, arguing their indiscriminate nature in densely populated Gaza.

The Defense Department’s ongoing military support to Israel, along with Austin’s deployment of additional military forces to the Middle East, aims to deter adversaries of Israel, including Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran, which supports both Hezbollah and Hamas, from escalating the conflict further.

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