Adirondack Haven: Discovering the 5 Ideal Small Towns for Retirees


Choose the ideal spot for your retirement! Consider the tranquil Adirondack Mountains in New York, a serene alternative to city living.

Northeastern New York is home to these stunning mountains.

5 Ideal Small Towns in Adirondack Haven for Retirees



Some of the most charming small towns you might ever want to retire to are located inside this stunning mountain range.

Ticonderoga is a picturesque town in New York with a longer history than most.

Mt. Defiance is an excellent place to maintain your physical fitness while admiring the impressive military structures set against the stunning Adirondack scenery. 

If the grandchildren come to visit, you can take them to Black Point Beach where they can splash around and have a whole day of fun. Because crime rates in Ticonderoga are 40% less than the national average, it is among the safest places to live.

Lake Placid

The views from Lake Placid are renowned to be among the best. With a population of 2,200, this town participated in hosting the Winter Olympics in both 1932 and 1980. 

The average home price in the area is $739,000. Additionally, 25% of the population is over 60. Hiking in locations like Mount Jo and Mirror Lake will make it easy for you to stay fit and active.

Lake George

At Lake George, the summers and winters are equally magical. In town, the Adirondack Winery is a fantastic spot for a romantic evening out. The Lake George Distilling Company serves an endless supply of house-made spiked lemonade, rye whiskey, as well as wine if you’re in the mood for some local fare.

Some of the most breathtaking views in the state can be found atop Prospect Mountain. 

You will be with like-minded people in Lake George, where over 30% of the population is over 60. 

Old Forge

The brewing facilities in the Adirondack Mountain towns are highly regarded. It’s enjoyable to have the impression that you’re always getting to sample new beverages

The Fulton Chain Craft Brewery is located in Old Forge, and you can visit to sample various beers. 

 A water park suitable for all ages is the Enchanted Forest Water Safari. With only 600 residents, the town is incredibly tiny. 38% of those occupants are older than 60. 

Saranac Lake

To ensure your children and grandchildren have an enjoyable time, Saranac Lake offers a plethora of family-friendly activities.

For more information about the scientific research conducted at the laboratory, you may visit the Saranac Laboratory Museum or the Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage as well as Museum. 

Following that, you can enjoy fantastic performances all summer long at the Pendragon Theater. Only 13 crimes occur in Saranac Lake for every 2,000 residents, making it one of the safest cities in the country. 

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