Here’s Why These Are Montana’s 6 Poorest Cities for 2023


Beautiful scenery, Helena, and a few of the most pleasant individuals across the good old USA are all associated with Montana.

But like any state, Montana has its share of struggling communities. In these Montana communities, the percentage of individuals living in poverty, unemployed, or earning less than they should be is higher than average.

The Six Poorest Montana Cities for 2023

Wolf Point

Unfortunately, Wolf Point is the poorest place in Montana due to a combination of low wages and joblessness.

With 2,638 residents, the city has Montana’s greatest poverty rate as well as the 12th lowest median income for households on average. Housing costs are reasonably priced, as the cost of living is in the bottom 15% of the state at the very least.

  • $49,509 is the median income (12th lowest).
  • The highest unemployment rate is 18.5%.
  • Poverty Rate: 30.9%

County of Anaconda-Deer Lodge

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County has the seventh lowest median income.

With a poverty rate of 22.717049032838503%, it is among the lowest in the state.

  • 9,380 people in total
  • Median Income: $44,809, seventh lowest
  • 4.4% unemployment, the 14th highest rate

Montana’s Lewiston

The state’s least median income is found in this city. Though Montana’s poverty rate is only the seventh highest, a significant portion of the population is kept out of poverty due to the state’s exceptionally low cost of living.

  • 5,967 people in total
  • The lowest median income is $37,588.
  • Rate of Unemployment: 4.0%
  • 19.0% poverty rate


With a population of more than 3,930, the city has the second-highest rate of poverty in the entire state. But the cost of living is extremely low, which makes it easier to pay the bills every month.

  • 3,930 people in total
  • Income Median: $39,488 
  • 3.0% unemployment rate
  • The second-highest poverty rate is 24.4%.

Montana’s Miles City

Despite having the 18th lowest median income, a sizable portion of the population is impoverished. Out of all the places in Montana that we looked at, Miles City has the 14th-highest percentage of its population living in poverty.

  • 8,441 people in total
  • $54,265 is the median income
  • Rate of Unemployment: 5.3% 
  • Rate of Poverty: 14.2%, 


Missoula completes the list of the six poorest cities in Montana.

With 73,300 residents, the city is in the bottom 20% of the Treasure State for both the poverty rate and median income.

  • Number of people: 73,300
  • $54,423 is the median income
  • Rate of Unemployment: 4.8%
  • 16.0% poverty rate 
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