Top 10 Worst Cities to Live in the USA And Here’s Why!


It is crucial to know which are the worst cities to live in the USA if you are thinking about moving. Relocating due to high crime rates, run-down properties, or even rising living expenses is the last thing you want to do.

Worst Cities to Live In USA

  1. Anchorage, Alaska
The sun sets on Downtown Anchorage on a cold, quiet day in February, with the Chugach Mountain Range just below the horizon above snow-covered rooftops, as seen from the Hotel Captain Cook.

Comparing Anchorage, Alaska, with other cities in the state, it has a much higher rate of violent crime as well as a much higher cost of living. There can be danger in the Mountain View neighborhood.

  1. West Helena, Helena, Arkansas

Because of the incredibly high rate of violent crime, Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, is regarded as a dangerous city. People are being forced to leave because of the sharp decline in population. 

  1. Amsterdam, New York

With a median residential value of $92,900, Amsterdam has a poverty rate of 23.8%, which is almost twice as high as the state average. In Amsterdam, the typical household income is $43,164. Additionally, 17.6 deaths per 100,000 people in Amsterdam are related to drug use. 

Though Amsterdam might be the worst, there are a few other less appealing New York cities listed below.

  1. Bridgeport, Connecticut

The poor job market in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is probably the reason why over twenty percent of the city’s residents live below the poverty line. The high cost of living in the city puts a heavy financial burden on its citizens.

  1. Florida – City of Florida

With a jobless rate more than three times higher than the state average, Florida City is the worst place to live in the state. Its violent crime rate is also extremely high.

  1. Gary, Indiana

In Gary, Indiana, over one-third of the population is impoverished. In comparison to all American cities, Gary has a violent crime rate that is at least 25% higher. In addition, there is a comparatively high unemployment rate.

  1. Highland Park, Michigan

The demise of the auto industry in the area has harmed Highland Park for many years. The low real estate values in the area are indicative of the low incomes in the area. In addition, there is a crime problem in this area.

  1. Mayfield, Kentucky

Mayfield, Kentucky has an elevated prevalence of property crimes, such as auto theft and burglaries. In this city, widespread unemployment is another issue.

  1. Eidson Road, Texas

The poverty rate on Eidson Road is 34.8%, while the state average is 14%. The average property value in the state is $202,600, whereas the median property value is $68,900. The state average of $67,321 is significantly higher than the median household income of $30,464.

  1. Havre, Montana
Fresno Reservoir, Havre, Montana

Havre has a far higher crime rate than the entire state of Montana. Given that job growth has lagged behind population growth, unemployment in Havre is expected to become a bigger issue in the years to come.

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