What You Need to Know About Marijuana in Massachusetts


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has instituted comprehensive regulations regarding the use of medical and adult-use marijuana. Recent changes have seen the repeal of the colocated regulations, 935 CMR 502.000, now integrated into broader adult- and medical-use regulations. While these regulations on the Commission website serve informational purposes, official versions can be acquired from the State Bookstore.

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has instituted comprehensive regulations regarding the use of medical and adult-use marijuana.

Medical Marijuana

For those over 18, access to medical marijuana requires physician approval and state certification, permitting possession of a 60-day supply. Pediatric patients under 18 need two certifying physicians to diagnose a debilitating illness for eligibility.

Home Cultivation

Registered patients can cultivate cannabis at home—up to twelve flowering and twelve vegetative plants for personal use, with adult-use consumers allowed to grow up to six plants. In some instances, a Hardship Cultivation Registration is available, enabling patients to grow marijuana to yield a 60-day supply for medical use.

Consumption Regulations

Consuming medical marijuana in public, in all forms, including smoking, vaping, or eating, is illegal—approved conditions for medical marijuana in Massachusetts range from ALS to Parkinson’s disease.

Hardship Cultivation Registration

This registration is designed for those experiencing financial hardship, physical incapacity to access an MTC, or those living at a distance from an MTC. The program still needs to be operational, but the Commission is working towards its implementation.

Restrictions for Out-of-State Residents

Only Massachusetts residents or their caregivers registered as qualifying patients are authorized to purchase medical marijuana.

Adult-Use Marijuana

For adult-use marijuana, purchase and growth are legal for individuals over 21, with a government-issued ID required for purchase. The law allows possession of one ounce in a person and up to ten ounces at home.

Transportation and Storage

Transporting marijuana across state lines is illegal, as is consumption in public. Marijuana in vehicles must be in a closed container. At home, if possessing more than an ounce, it must be securely locked away.

Safety and Compliance

Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal. Employers, landlords, and municipalities may have additional restrictions. While landlords can’t be penalized by the state for allowing marijuana use, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to all applicable policies.

Purchasing as an Out-of-State Visitor

Visitors over 21 with valid ID can purchase marijuana but cannot take it across state lines or mail it. Consumption should be done in private, adhering to any accommodation policies.

In Massachusetts, while the landscape of marijuana use evolves, the emphasis remains on safety, security, and adherence to legal provisions for the well-being of all its residents and visitors.

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