One Dead in New Orleans Crash During Super Fog


It has been revealed that dense smoke, similar to the “super fog” witnessed last month, has once again caused chaos in Louisiana. Tragically, this hazardous situation resulted in a fatal crash and the subsequent closure of Interstate 10 in the New Orleans vicinity in the early hours of Tuesday.

The incident unfolded around 4:30 a.m., resulting in the closure of the thoroughfare due to an unsafe combination of smoke, fog, and multiple vehicle accidents, according to the New Orleans police. By late afternoon, authorities managed to reopen all eastbound lanes of the interstate, while the westbound lanes were partially accessible as cleanup efforts continued.

Videos captured by motorists on the scene depicted the harrowing conditions caused by the dense smoke. In some footage, cars traveling alongside others virtually vanished into the thick haze. Sarah Trimble, a witness to the chaos, recounted how she couldn’t discern the truck’s taillights ahead of her as she navigated across railroad tracks during her morning commute. 

Another video, filmed by Connie Fiorella, showcased the cars around her enveloped in smoke, with only the outline of the brake lights of the vehicle ahead faintly visible.

The dense smoke, eerily reminiscent of the “super fog” from the previous month, led to a tragic accident and injuries, with several individuals requiring transportation to the hospital. While details about the motorist who lost their life were limited, the New Orleans police confirmed that it was a man who succumbed to his injuries after being transported to a medical facility.

A Visibility Hazard in New Orleans

It has been revealed that dense smoke, similar to the “super fog” witnessed last month, has once again caused chaos in Louisiana.

The recurrence of such treacherous conditions was attributed to smoke from fires near New Orleans becoming trapped under a shallow layer of the atmosphere along Interstate 10 in eastern Orleans Parish, as stated by the National Weather Service in an early Tuesday memo. This atmospheric situation resulted in severely reduced visibility, with motorists encountering only a quarter-mile or less clear sight.

In response to the hazardous conditions, the weather service issued a dense smoke advisory, cautioning drivers about the unsafe driving conditions. Interstate 55 in Louisiana also experienced reduced visibility due to the thick smoke, further complicating travel in the area.

This incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers of adverse weather conditions, particularly when combined with factors like dense fog and smoke. It echoes a previous tragedy on October 24, when seven motorists lost their lives, and about two dozen others sustained injuries in a series of pileups involving approximately 160 vehicles on I-55 near New Orleans during a similar “super fog” event, which resulted from the combination of smoke from marsh fires and dense fog.

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