Police-Involved Shooting Claims Life of Brooklyn Homicide Suspect


Jason Pass, the suspect wanted for the point-blank fatal shooting of his two neighbors, has met his demise in Brooklyn.

Police killed pass after a harrowing standoff on Beach 44 Street, a quiet residential area. 

The situation began at 7:10 a.m. on a fateful Wednesday morning.

According to John Chell, the NYPD chief of patrol, the police were left with no choice but to defend themselves as Pass lunged at them with a knife. 

Chief Chell explained the grim details at a news conference, stating that the officers had discharged their firearms to stop the threat, striking Pass four times, with three bullets in the chest and one in the right leg.

The standoff unfolded when a license plate reader identified Pass’s vehicle, a black Honda SUV, and officers approached him. 

For approximately 15 minutes, they tried to reason with Pass, urging him to drop the knife. 

Tragically, Pass, for an unknown reason, charged at the officers in a full sprint, leading to the fatal confrontation.

Evidence markers at the scene displayed where bullet casings had landed, and a thorough investigation followed, not only due to the police-involved shooting but also the ongoing investigation into the double-fatal shooting that Pass was accused of.

Jason Pass, the suspect wanted for the point-blank fatal shooting of his two neighbors, has met his demise.

The initial dispute that led to the double murder involved Pass, his upstairs neighbors, Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and Mathurin’s stepson, Chin Wai Mode, 27, over a noise issue. 

Surveillance video captured the confrontation in the hallway outside Mathurin’s East Flatbush apartment, where Pass opened fire, resulting in the tragic deaths of Mathurin and Mode.

Three days later, officers tracked down Pass, and the standoff and subsequent shooting unfolded in Bath Beach, a location about three-and-a-half miles from the building where the double murder had occurred. 

Residents in the otherwise quiet neighborhood were left bewildered by the sudden violence.

As of Wednesday evening, Pass’s car remained at the shooting scene as the police meticulously followed protocols in investigating this fatal incident. 

Pass’s ominous words to the officers, “What’s going to happen today is not going to end well,” hinted at the tragic outcome of the standoff. 

Chief Chell emphasized that Pass’s actions left the officers with no alternative but to protect themselves from the charging suspect.

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