Beloved 3rd Grade Georgia Teacher Tragically Shot, Killed by Estranged Husband


A beloved Georgia teacher was killed and her community was left in shock as a result of a horrific incident involving her estranged husband. 

Tyron Victor Lambert, 42, faces a multitude of serious criminal charges after a series of violent events that unfolded despite law enforcement’s efforts to protect the victim.

Jasmyn Lambert, 37, was a dedicated mother of two and a respected third-grade teacher at Still Elementary School in Powder Springs, a small town in Cobb County within the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

The chain of events began when deputies received a call just after midnight on a Saturday, reporting a domestic disturbance resulting from a home invasion. 

Tyron Lambert had forcibly entered the residence, armed with a firearm, and threatened multiple individuals during the confrontation. 

Upon learning that law enforcement was on its way, Lambert fled the scene.

Despite law enforcement’s proactive measures, the tragedy continued to unfold. 

beloved Georgia elementary school teacher’s life was tragically cut short, and her community was left in shock as a result of a horrific incident involving her estranged husband.

In a devastating turn of events, a second 911 call occurred at 7:12 a.m. on the same day, indicating that Tyron Lambert had returned to the residence. 

He had once again forced entry into the home, armed with a gun. 

Responding deputies heard a single gunshot as they arrived, and Tyron Lambert was quickly apprehended after a brief struggle.

Jasmyn Lambert was rushed to Wellstar Paulding Hospital but succumbed to her injuries, leaving a void in the lives of her students, colleagues, and the entire community. 

Grief counselors were available at the school to support students and staff during this difficult time.

Tragically, this was not the first incident of domestic violence between the estranged couple, as Tyron Lambert had previously faced a protective order initiated by his victim.

Tyron Lambert is currently detained in the Paulding County jail without bond, and an ongoing investigation suggests that he may face additional charges. 

The loss of Jasmyn Lambert is a heart-wrenching reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence and the urgent need for continued efforts to protect and support survivors.

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