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Calls for Peace at UN as Palestinians Seek End to Bombings, Israel Fights Against Hamas


The United Nations meeting regarding the conflict in Gaza, Palestinians called for an end to the bombs and the saving of lives. 

However, Israel’s envoy stood firm, declaring that they will not stop until Hamas is obliterated. 

The war, which began with surprise attacks by Gaza’s Hamas rulers on Israel, unfolded in the General Assembly, where Arab nations expected a resolution for an immediate cease-fire after failed attempts in the Security Council.

During the emergency special session on Israeli actions in the Palestinian territories, speaker after speaker supported the cease-fire call, except for Israel’s UN Ambassador. 

He argued that a cease-fire would only allow Hamas to rearm and pose a threat to Israeli citizens. 

The calls for a cease-fire and the protection of Palestinian civilians facing constant bombardments were heartfelt and intense from various countries.

The casualties on both sides were devastating, with over 7,000 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis killed. 

The United Nations meeting regarding the conflict in Gaza, Palestinian ambassador called for an end to the bombs and the saving of lives.

Critical issues discussed included the release of hostages and Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. Iran’s foreign minister expressed readiness to participate in humanitarian efforts, along with Qatar and Turkey.

Israel’s representative emphasized that their actions were not part of the Palestinian question but rather a response to the genocidal Hamas organization. 

Conversely, the Palestinian ambassador highlighted the high number of children and women killed in Gaza, appealing to the assembly’s moral responsibility.

The emotions ran deep, with speakers sharing stories of personal loss and pleading for an end to the violence.

The need for international intervention and the accountability of all parties involved were stressed.

The resolution to be voted on calls for an immediate cease-fire, the provision of essential goods, and the release of all civilians.

While the General Assembly’s resolutions are not legally binding, they carry significant weight as a reflection of world opinion. 

The outcome of the vote will be closely watched, as it will demonstrate international support for the Palestinian cause.

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