Domestic Threats Surge as NYPD Cites ‘Heightened Environment’ During Israel War

Domestic Threats Surge as NYPD Cites 'Heightened Environment' During Israel War
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On Wednesday, a public statement has been released by the police, saying that they have canceled all in-service training for new police officers. The NYPD is one of several U.S. law enforcement agencies to warn of potential copycat attacks on home soil amid the unrest in Israel.

The people of New York City have been warned to be on the lookout for domestic terror attacks because the Oct.7 assault on Israel may “resonate” with some in the U.S, said by the NYPD.

“We’re currently facing an increased level of potential threats, and tensions have been escalating since the attack on Israel on October 7th. The NYPD is making every effort to prevent any future violence in our city. However, we understand that the ongoing events abroad might influence individuals here at home, and that’s challenging to predict.”

“The NYPD asks all New Yorkers to remain vigilant and reminds everyone if they see something to say something. For these reasons, the NYPD is continuing with our Citywide all-out deployment and all in-service training will continue to be postponed until further notice,” the statement continued.

FBI Director Chris Wray alerted during a speech of a spike in domestic threats linked to Israel’s war against Hamas.

We’re staying in close contact and collaboration with our colleagues in the region and other international allies,” the statement continued. “At our Legal Attaché office in Israel, FBI staff are actively working with our partners on the ground to find and identify any affected Americans. Any reports of Americans who are deceased, injured, or unaccounted for are being taken very seriously and investigated with great urgency. The FBI’s Victim Services Division is also working in coordination with the Department of State to provide support to families as needed.

In this heightened environment, there’s no question we’re seeing an increase in reported threats, and we have to be on the lookout, especially for lone actors who may take inspiration from recent events to commit violence of their own,” he said. “And I’d encourage you to stay vigilant, because as the first line of defense in protecting our communities, you’re often the first to see the signs that someone may be mobilizing to violence. And I’d also ask you to continue sharing any intelligence or observations you may have.

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