Mystery Surrounds Texas A&M Student’s Fatal Balcony Plunge

Mystery Surrounds Texas A&M Student's Fatal Balcony Plunge
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Over the weekend, a student at Texas A&M University died on campus about which the police are investigating, nowadays.

Officials have identified the student as Britney Romero, a freshman who was pursuing a major in health. According to the university’s police department, it seems that Britney tragically lost her life on the College Station, Texas campus on a Saturday morning. The incident occurred when she fell from a third-floor balcony at Dunn Hall.

Vice President of Texas A&M for Student Affairs Joe E. Ramirez Jr. confirmed Romero’s death and offered his condolences, in a statement.

“Our hearts ache for Britney’s family and friends,” Ramirez said in the statement. “They have our deepest sympathies and support as they navigate this devastating loss.”

The university is trying it’s best to do whatever it takes to give justice to the young man. Ramirez also said the Justice of the Peace has ordered an autopsy and athorough and comprehensive review will be given shortly.

No other additional information has been released by Ramirez regarding the mishap.

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