‘Wild ‘N Out’ Star Jacky Oh’s Cause of Death Revealed as Complications from Cosmetic Surgery

'Wild 'N Out' Star Jacky Oh's Cause of Death Revealed as Complications from Cosmetic Surgery
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Jacklyn “Jacky Oh” Smith, a beloved cast member on MTV’s comedy show “Wild ‘N Out,” died due to complications from a cosmetic surgery procedure, according to a report from the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner. She was 32 years old.

A Rising Star Gone Too Soon

Jacky Oh, who was the longtime partner of comedian DC Young Fly, died on May 31st, just one day after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift surgery at a clinic in Miami.

The procedure, which amplifies the size and shape of the buttocks using fat transferred from other areas of the body, has grown increasingly popular in recent years. However, it also carries significant risks, including blood clots, infection, and even death.

Jacky Oh’s death has shocked fans and the entertainment community. She was a rising talent who brought joy and laughter to millions as a cast member on MTV’s hit show “Wild ‘N Out” for 5 seasons. Her partner DC Young Fly, with whom she shared 3 young children, posted a heartfelt tribute remembering her as a “great mother” and devoted partner.

The medical examiner reported that Jacky underwent the procedure without complications, but began feeling unwell afterwards, developing headaches and difficulty speaking. Her aunt called emergency services when her condition rapidly deteriorated, but tragically she could not be saved.

Understanding the Risks of Brazilian Butt Lifts

While the Brazilian butt lift procedure has grown more popular, it does carry real risks that must be carefully considered. The death rate associated with BBLs is estimated to be as high as 1 in 3000, which is far higher than other cosmetic surgery procedures.

The complication that appears to have taken Jacky Oh’s life is known as a fat embolism. This happens when injected fat enters the bloodstream and travels to the heart, lungs or brain, blocking blood vessels. Symptoms arise quickly and can result in cardiac arrest.

Patient selection and surgeon skill are crucial in avoiding this deadly complication. The surgery should only be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons with specific training and experience performing BBLs. Thorough screening for risk factors like anemia, drug use, and fat disorders can help avoid problems.

Many have called for greater awareness of the procedure’s risks and regulations around who can perform it.

Remembering a Beloved Star

While her life was cut short, Jacky Oh leaves behind a legacy of laughter and entertainment from her time on Wild ‘N Out. She also lives on in her three young children, who her partner says are finding strength through their faith as they mourn the loss of their mother.

The tragic loss of Jacky Oh sheds important light on the risks of cosmetic surgery procedures like the Brazilian butt lift. As these surgeries continue growing in popularity, her story stands as a solemn reminder to approach them with eyes wide open.

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