Democrat City Leader Says Innocent Chicagoans “Hunted Down Like Prey” Amid Crime Surge

Democrat City Leader Says Innocent Chicagoans "Hunted Down Like Prey" Amid Crime Surge
Via Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago is facing a massive crime surge, with innocent residents being “hunted down like prey,” according to local Democratic leader Raymond Lopez. The city’s progressive policies have emboldened criminals while neglecting victims, Lopez charges.

Progressives Ignore Cries For Help

In an interview, Alderman Lopez blasted city leadership for ignoring the cries for help from residents as violent crime spirals out of control.

“Criminals are taking note. They become emboldened, and the deafening cry is not heard by the politicians demanding change. They only sit back as you saw, and try to stick to the script, even when the public refuses to participate,” Lopez said.

Lopez argued that voters see the results when they elect “socialists or ultra progressives” – tone-deaf leaders who refuse to crack down on crime while promoting “racist” policies that hurt minority communities most.

Carjackings, Burglaries Soar

Chicago has seen carjackings soar over 200% since the pandemic began. Armed robberies and burglaries have also skyrocketed, with criminals facing little deterrent as reforms like the “Safe-T Act” take effect. Offenders are released over and over without bail.

“It’s unfortunate was we saw today where the Judiciary Committee came to Chicago that not one single Democrat chose to participate and make their voices heard or to hear from those most impacted,” Lopez added.

Minorities Suffer Most

While some Chicago residents are fleeing the city’s crime wave, lower income minorities don’t have that option. “We have nearly two thirds of our city who cannot do that, who must stay here and they are the victims of the violence that we see so often,” Lopez explained.

Taking A Stand

Alderman Lopez is taking a stand, calling out both local leadership and state lawmakers for creating policies that protect criminals while neglecting victims.

It’s time to push back on those enabling crime to flourish, Lopez argues. Parents and communities must also take responsibility. Until real changes are made, Chicago’s most vulnerable will continue to suffer the consequences.

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