Arizona Man Left Shocked After Thieves Steal and Dismantle His Brand New Truck in Under 24 Hours

Arizona Man Left Shocked After Thieves Steal and Dismantle His Brand New Truck in Under 24 Hours
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Arizona man Jimmy Juber was left stunned after thieves carried out a brazen heist to steal and dismantle his brand new GMC truck in less than a day.

According to reports by Phoenix police, Jimmy’s 2023 GMC Denali was stolen from outside his home in the early hours of September 5th. Surveillance footage obtained by police shows a white pickup truck towing Jimmy’s Denali away.

Jimmy, who had owned the truck for just 10 months, said the thieves were incredibly efficient. “They disable the OnStar tracking, tow it away piece by piece and were gone within two minutes. They’re not messing around” he stated in an interview.

Jimmy’s neighbor Bobby Wolf who witnessed the heist said the thieves attached the truck to their vehicle and left the scene immediately, completing the job with precision. “It was incredibly fast, within two minutes they had hitched the truck and sped away. These guys knew exactly what they were doing,” Bobby remarked.

The very next day, police recovered the disassembled truck cab dumped at a location few miles away. The thieves had stripped the cab of its parts, leaving only the frame behind.

Phoenix Police Detective John Sullivan who is leading the investigation said such ‘quick-steal’ heists involving newer high-end vehicles are on the rise. “Thieves thoroughly plan these jobs, targeting specific makes and models. They know how to disable tracking systems and get away quickly” he stated.

Detective Sullivan further said that the modus operandi matches a similar truck theft from last year in nearby Peoria where a white pickup was used to haul away a GMC Denali. “It seems these may be the work of a sophisticated auto-theft ring operating in the region. We are investigating any possible links” he added.

Local auto experts say certain newer car models tend to be prime targets for such thefts due to high demand for their spare parts in the black market. “Parts like on-board computers containing VIN info or smart keys can fetch thousands of dollars. Thieves can have a new truck dismantled and its parts flipped within hours of the heist” stated Frank Roberts, a mechanic with 20 years of experience in the auto industry.

Jimmy, who is still in shock from the incident, urges residents to be vigilant. In a Facebook post (see link), he shared how even advanced security systems can be easily bypassed today. “Never thought my new truck could be gone just like that. Lock your cars and be careful out there,” the post reads.

Local police have warned of a rise in organized auto thefts recently. They advise residents to install additional anti-theft devices, park in well-lit areas and report any suspicious activity immediately.

Detective Sullivan says the Phoenix PD is committed to cracking down on such criminal rings. “We are collaborating with other law enforcement agencies and utilizing advanced analytical tools to identify networks and recover stolen vehicles. These thieves won’t be able to operate for long” he assured.

As the investigation continues, anyone with information related to this case can contact Phoenix Police or provide an anonymous tip to Silent Witness hotline 480-WITNESS. Jimmy is hoping the brazen thieves responsible for targeting his truck are caught soon. Only time will tell if the police are able to track down the auto-theft ring in the region.

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