The Rolling Stones announce first album in 18 years – “Hackney Diamonds”

The Rolling Stones announce first album in 18 years - "Hackney Diamonds"
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Legendary band teases new music with cryptic social media campaign

The Rolling Stones have thrilled fans by announcing their first original studio album in 18 years. Titled “Hackney Diamonds”, the album is scheduled for release in 2023.

The iconic rock band broke the big news through a unique social media teaser campaign. Over the past week, their famous tongue logo was projected onto landmarks around the world, from New York to London to Paris. Fans quickly caught on and began speculating about a potential new release.

Today, the band made the long-awaited announcement official. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood will participate in a live interview with Jimmy Fallon on YouTube to share more details about “Hackney Diamonds”. The event will stream from London’s Hackney district on September 7th.

A return to songwriting roots

In a statement, the Stones said “Hackney may be at the heart of Hackney Diamonds, but this is a truly global moment we want to share with fans around the world via YouTube.” Recording new music in their hometown points to a return to the band’s songwriting roots.

Formed in 1962, the Rolling Stones came of age playing the bars and clubs of London’s east end. Hackney was a gritty yet culturally vibrant borough that heavily influenced the early Stones sound. Recording there decades later suggests they are reconnecting with those punk influences.

A landmark album 18 years in the making

The upcoming “Hackney Diamonds” will be the Rolling Stones’ first new album since 2005’s “A Bigger Bang”. That release was a major commercial and critical success, cementing the band as rock legends still vital in the 21st century.

However, it had been five years since their previous studio LP “Steel Wheels”. So the 18 year gap between new Stones projects will make “Hackney Diamonds” one of their most anticipated albums.

Fans are eager to hear how the now septuagenarian Jagger, Richards and Wood’s sounds may have evolved after nearly two decades. The loss of drummer Charlie Watts in 2021 also leaves the pressing question of how his replacement Steve Jordan has blended into the band.


After teasing the news worldwide with their iconic logo, The Rolling Stones have thrilled fans by formally announcing their long-awaited return with “Hackney Diamonds”. Recording in their hometown of London promises a rootsier sound, while the 18 year break makes this one of their most landmark albums. The upcoming YouTube event and album release in 2023 are sure to be massive global events celebrating 60 years of Stones rock n’ roll.

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