Privacy-Focused Browser Brave Launches its Own Image and Video Search.

By Brave

Privacy-focused Browser Brave is taking another step away from its reliance on other search providers. It has now launched its own image and video search engine. That means users will no longer need to leave Brave whenever they want either image or video search results, as the results will now be served directly from Brave’s search engine.

The image and video search feature has been in the development process for several and its result will now also be offered via the recently launched Brave Search API, says Brave.

“With the ability to search for crucial vertical categories such as images and videos directly within the Brave, users can now access even more content than before,” said Brave in its press release.

“Additionally, by keeping all searches within the Brave ecosystem, users benefit from increased search speed and privacy when compared with the multiple search engines that rely on third-party providers.”

Brave’s image search results are still being improved, the company cautions. For the time being, certain advanced filters like license tyoe or aspect ratio will not be immediately available. but these will be added soon, it says.

The Brave Search engine is the default in the company’s own Brave web browser but can be used independently at

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