Amazon Launches Its Virtual Health Clinic Nationwide

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Amazon is launching its virtual health clinic nationwide to make it available to each and every customer around the nation.

amazon announced that the facility of the virtual clinic would be available to customers in all 50 states and Washington DC. The virtual clinic will allow users to easily access the licensed clinicians via video visits for more than 30 common health issues, such as urinary tract infections, sinus, stomach infections, acne, migraines, etc.


Amazon Clinic was launched in November 2022 as a way to connect users with healthcare providers. Amazon basically acts as an intermediate which connects telemedicine partners with users.

How To Get Healthcare Services

To get healthcare services the user needs to visit the Amazon clinic website or Amazon mobile app. From there the users can compare the waiting time and the price from multiple telehealth provider groups and can choose the most suitable option according to their needs.

Depending upon the situation of the user the user can contact the concerned doctor either via messaging or via video calls. the clinician will provide a recommended treatment plan along with the prescription which will help the user to recover from the disease.

“By creating a healthcare experience that is transparent and simple, we hope to make health care more accessible for all,” Dr Nworah Ayogu, the chief medical officer and general manager at Amazon clinic.


Amazon has been trying to break into the healthcare sector for a very long time. Earlier Amazon launched a health care service known as Amazon Care which was then shut down.

Amazon also closed its $3.9 billion acquisition of healthcare provider OneMedical earlier this year. Also to help user easily access the medicine prescribed Amazon also launched an Amazon pharmacy

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In 2018, it formed a JV with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway to build an employee healthcare operation. That service was shut up in 3 years.

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