Steve Job’s Son Reed Jobs Stepping Into Spotlight With a New Venture Capitalist Firm Focused on Cancer Treatment

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Reed Jobs, the 31-year-old son of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs, is launching a new investment firm focusing on cancer treatment.


The new investment firm is named Yosemite, which is also a popular national park where his parents were wed. The firm has already closed a debut investment of $200 million from prominent institutions like M.I.T, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and also from individuals like John Doerr. Yosemite is a spin-off of Emerson Collective- the business organization founded by his mother, where Jobs used to work as a director of health.

Steve Jobs’s Death

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When Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer in 2011, Reed was at Stanford, studying as an undergraduate student to become a doctor. “My dad succumbed to cancer when I was in college at Stanford. I was pre-med because I really wanted to be a doctor and cure people myself. but just completely candidly, it was really difficult after he passed away,”. Reed was quoted as saying

After his father’s death, he decided to pursue his studies in the field of oncology. Taking a break from oncology, Mr Jobs moved his focus to nuclear weapon policy. But after completing the master’s degree he returned to the field of oncology and led the health care division of Emerson Collective, which has invested in the company and has given grants to labs.

Business Idea

Yosemite will run as a combination of for-profit and Donor-advised funds. The dual cycle creates a virtuous cycle of innovation, in which the scientists are given grants with no strings attached for them to work on new cancer treatment techniques, and when they begin to commercialize their research, they will come back to Yosemite for venture funding.

By launching Yosemite, Reed Jobs aims to contribute to the fight to cure cancer and improve the health condition of people suffering from this devastating disease he wants people to live with their families and defeat this fatal disease.

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