Amazon Expands Its Grocery Delivery to Non Prime Customers Too

Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery to Non-Prime Customers
By Inc42

Ordering groceries online for home delivery is no longer just for Amazon Prime members. This week, Amazon announced that it is now offering grocery delivery from Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh to customers without a Prime membership. This is a major expansion that provides more people access to the convenience of online grocery ordering.

I decided to dig into the details as an interested shopper. In the past, I wouldn’t have qualified for the service since I don’t have Prime. But opening up delivery beyond Prime members provides options to households like mine.

According to Amazon’s press release, anyone can now get grocery orders delivered for a fee starting at $3.95 per order. The service is available in over 2,000 areas across the country. To check availability enter your ZIP code on Amazon’s website or mobile app.

This offers a flexible new grocery solution for the estimated 60% of households who are not Prime members. Having groceries show up without having to lug them home definitely makes life easier when you have kids at home.

As a working being myself, I find it handy to avoid trips to the supermarket whenever I can. From a consumer perspective, it’s great to have more choices. Amazon clearly sees big potential by removing barriers to online grocery ordering. The pandemic accelerated demand for services like this. But for many families, things are still far from normal, so delivery remains appealing.

For me, the $3.95 delivery fee seems reasonable to avoid the time and hassle of grocery shopping with two little ones in tow. I’m curious to give Amazon’s service a try soon. The option to get wine and beer delivered also catches my eye after long days.

Of course, Amazon didn’t make this change out of charity. There is a strategic business play here to win more grocery dollars. It will be interesting to see how other major retailers respond and if this sparks a delivery price war down the line.

For now, as online grocery ordering is growing, I’m glad to see Amazon expanding choices. More competition and convenience is a grocery industry shift this shopper is happy to embrace.

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