Vegan Influencer Zhanna Samsonova’s Tragic Death Due to ‘starvation and exhaustion’ After Only Raw Fruit Diet

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In a shocking turn of events, popular vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova, known for her raw fruit diet, she was tragically passed away due to starvation and exhaustion at 39. The Russian influencer had been living in South-East Asia and consuming an exclusively raw vegan diet, primarily consisting of fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies, and juices for the past five years.

Samsonova, posting under the pseudonym Zhanna D’Art on social media, was a well-known figure in the vegan community. With millions of followers, she actively promoted the benefits of a raw food diet.

Her friends expressed concern about her increasingly restrictive eating habits in the months leading to her death. On July 21, Samsonova succumbed to a cholera-like infection, with her mother citing the “exhaustion of the body by a vegan diet” as a contributing factor.

A Closer Look at Samsonova’s Raw Food Diet

One of Samsonova’s favourite foods for the past seven years was durian, a spiky fruit known for its pungent smell. She often spoke about her transformation, attributing it to her restrictive eating regimen. “I see my body and mind transform every day”, Samsonova once shared, adding, “I love my new me, and never move on to the habits that I used to use.”

Despite the potential health risks associated with her diet, many of Samsonova’s followers refuse to believe her eating choices led to her demise, claiming instead that she was killed by chemicals in the fruit she ate.

The Health Implications of a Raw Vegan Diet

While a raw food diet can offer multiple health benefits such as weight loss, improved heart health, and a lower risk of diabetes, these benefits are contingent on maintaining a balanced diet. Sole reliance on a raw diet can lead to deficiencies in vital nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for strong bones.

A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition revealed that all participants on a raw vegan diet ingested less than the recommended 2.4mcg of vitamin B12 per day, which can cause serious health issues like anaemia, nervous system damage, infertility, and even heart disease.

The Aftermath of Samsonova’s Death

Zhanna’s official cause of death is still under investigation as her family works to repatriate her body back to Russia. Her unexpected death has sent shockwaves through the online vegan community and sparked debates about the potential dangers of extreme diets.

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