FBI Rescues 200 Sex Trafficking Victims, With 59 Being Children in a Nationwide Anti-Trafficking Operation

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the results of a massive two-week anti-trafficking operation that led to hundreds of recoveries and arrests across the country.

In the nationwide “Operation Cross Country,” focused from July 25 to August 1, the FBI partnered with over 200 state, local, and federal partners to apprehend traffickers and identify both adult and child victims.

Highlights of Operation Results:

  • 200+ sex trafficking victims located, with 59 of them being children
  • 59 missing children were located and recovered
  • 126 suspects of child sexual exploitation and trafficking arrested
  • 68 suspected traffickers arrested for crimes related to human trafficking

The FBI called it “three successful weeks of operations.” Apart from the rescues and arrests, the bureau said the concentrated effort “provided vital resources and support to victims.”

FBI Director Commends Effort and Teamwork

FBI Director Christopher Wray praised the coordination between law enforcement agencies that made the operation possible across the country.

“We are proud to work alongside our law enforcement partners to continue our efforts to hold accountable those who exploit innocent children, leaving them traumatized and scarred for life,” said Wray.

The Department of Justice also released a statement highlighting the importance of confronting these “unspeakable crimes” that exploit society’s most vulnerable.

The Fight Against Trafficking Continues

While the recent FBI crackdown put a dent in trafficking rings across America, officials emphasized that the fight is far from over. The agency says it will continue working with partners to bring traffickers to justice and protect the vulnerable.

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