Texas Deputy Sheriff Fatally Shot and Killed in Line of Duty, Suspect Arrested

Photo Source: Latimes.com

A deputy sheriff in Texas was fatally shot in the line of duty Friday evening while responding to a report of a domestic fight, authorities confirmed.

According to the Eastland County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy David Bosecker responded at 9 p.m. to a residence on Highway 183 between Cisco and Rising Star. Bosecker was the first to arrive and was immediately attacked by the suspect. According to the sheriff’s office, the deputy was struck and killed.

Before anyone else was hurt, other responding officers caught the suspect.

The suspect, who was not identified in the sheriff’s news statement, was arrested and charged with murder.

The Texas Rangers are looking into the event. There were no further facts about the shooting available at the time.

On social media, several Texas law enforcement agencies conveyed their sympathies to Bosecker’s family and friends.

Bosecker, a master peace officer, had been in law enforcement for almost 21 years, according to Eastland County Today. Before joining the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, he worked as a constable in Wise County.

According to the publication, he then worked as a game warden for Texas Parks & Wildlife and as an officer for the Comanche Police Department. He also worked part-time with the Cisco Police Department as a maritime enforcement officer.

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