Man Robs Woman at Gunpoint, Forces Her to “Friend” Him on Facebook; Messengers Her for Date

The suspect pointed a gun at the woman and demanded she add him as a friend on Facebook. The victim complied, hoping it would finally satisfy her alleged assailant. File photo: Ph.wittaya, Shutter Stock, licensed.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – An Indianapolis man is in police custody after authorities say he robbed a female victim at gunpoint and then forced her to use her cell phone to add him as a friend on Facebook, only to send her private messages on the social media platform afterwards asking her to go out on a date with him, telling her she was “too pretty to rob.” 

Amber Beraun said that she was accosted by the robber early in the morning as she was checking her mailbox after working a late shift; she noticed the suspect, now identified as Damien Boyce, approach her and take a firearm out of his jacket. 

“I had a man come up and try to rob me at gunpoint after I got off work late one night,” Beraun told local media. “He took [the gun] out of his pocket to show me what was going on…let me into your house. I did not do that.” 

Beraun said that she gave the cash she had in her pocket to Boyce, opening that would placate him; however, at that point he pointed the gun at her and demanded that she add him as a friend on Facebook. The victim complied, hoping it would finally satisfy her alleged assailant. 

“I thought if maybe I added him on Facebook, he would leave, and he did,” she said. 

After fulfilling the bizarre request, Beraun noted that Boyce began sending direct messages to her Facebook account, giving her flattering compliments and asking her if you wanted to go out on a date with the man who had robbed her at gunpoint. 

“Damn you was too pretty to rob,” one message read, with subsequent messages containing a promise that he would pay back the money he had stolen from her and a request that she “come chill” with him. 

“I believe you man. I can tell you’re sweet, times just get rough. I know that,” Beraun responded, and then contacted police; Boyce was arrested last Wednesday and charged in the armed robbery, and is currently being held on a $7,500 bond.  

Boyce currently has a separate case pending stemming from allegedly shooting two victims and hitting another in the head with a brick on June 12. 

“It makes me a little on edge knowing that people walk up and down the street, looking for places to commit crimes,” Beruan said in an interview. “It makes it a little different when you hear noises at night.” 

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