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“Mother Nature Is A Lesbian” Proclaims Drag Queen At Woke Yosemite National Park Pride Event & Obama Is The Culprit

Yosemite National Park
Earlier this month, Yosemite National Park in California held a weeklong Pride celebration sponsored by Yosemite’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group.. File photo: Angela Feltes, Shutter Stock, licensed.

MARIPOSA, CA – Argh and triple cringe. The asinine Alphabet mob is even gaying the earth and natural elements. “Mother Nature is a lesbian,” touted drag queen Wyn Wiley, whose stage name is Pattie Gonia, at a recent LGBTQ Yosemite National Park event. A cringey fest, indeed. 

If it wasn’t was so ludicrous – it would be laughable. The neurons inside my brain are barfing bigtime.  

My questions: Is the wind nonbinary? Is water bisexual? Are trees transexual? 

“Instead of spending time preserving natural history, some federally funded parks are sponsoring Pride month events and teaching LGBTQ history to the public,” reports The Daily Signal.  

Earlier this month, Yosemite National Park in California held a weeklong Pride celebration sponsored by Yosemite’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group. However, on the flier promoting Yosemite’s Pride march, it says it is open to all “community members and employees,” the article continues. 

An entire week dedicated for special rights of one minority group but only one day to celebrate presidents, veterans, pilgrims, mothers and fathers. Jesus only gets two days: Christmas and Easter. 

The National Park Service promotes LGBTQ stories and LGBTQ “teaching resources” on its “LGBTQ Heritage” webpage and features a “Pride Guide” as well as “LGBTQ Heritage Education Resources.” Some of these resources include tools for implementing LGBTQ history in schools across all grade levels

Furthermore, the park service’s calendar shows that Acadia National Park in Maine is sponsoring a “Pride Story Time with a Ranger.” 

My questions: Is the ranger dressed in drag? Why are public parks pushing sexual orientation? The birds, bees, flowers, and trees care not about gay issues.  

So, our tax dollars are hard at work indoctrinating children into the radical LGBTQ cult movement via nature.  

Hmmm. What politician of propaganda is behind the woke agenda theatrics at our national parks? Read on and find on. 

The article notes: “In 2021, the park service celebrated the fifth anniversary of President Barack Obama’s designation of the Stonewall Inn in New York City as a national monument. The Stonewall Inn was an illegal “gay bar” in the 1960s where a series of violent protests occurred after a police raid. Because of the uprising, the riots are regarded as having launched the “gay rights” movement.” 

So, odious Obama is the Deep State cabal culprit forcing park rangers to kowtow to wokeness. 

The park service also created a 15-episode video series that featured a video titled “What does Stonewall mean to the Rangers?” as part of the anniversary celebration of the Stonewall national monument.  

My questions: How much did that cost taxpayers? And just how did park rangers become involved (or forced) in heralding the history of Stonewall? 

Read about Yosemite’s Equity, Inclusion & Diversity HERE and their Gender Inclusion Practices HERE.  

How much did the following cost the hard-working taxpayers? 

  • The national and regional boards are engaged with The Avarna Group for DEI training. 
  • In October 2020, Justice Outside (formerly Youth Outside) conducted a six-month organizational audit to assess Nature Bridge’s areas of opportunity for deepening commitments to equity, inclusion and diversity.  

Yes, Yosemite is supporting the spewing of unscientific gender identity ideology and bashing biology. Ahew. I don’t see any wild animals wanting to transition from male to female or female to male. No deer, bear, or coyote drag queens in the forests. No nonbinary beavers in the rivers. No bisexual bison grazing in the meadows. 

What can you do? 

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