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Gay Rainbow Will Not Replace Red, White, & Blue – Back Off Radical LGBTQ Cultists & Deep State Cabal Marxists

Gay Rainbow
Arrogant activists are paving the way from socialism to Democratic socialism to communism to Fascism to Marxism. File photo: Marc Bruxelle, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Let me clear: I’m not referring to the LBGTQ individuals that go about their daily lives without the compulsion to insert their sexuality into every interaction or the militant mob that expects entitlement, special rights, and compliance. I have the utmost respect for the Gays Against Groomers. Moreover, my gay friends and colleagues don’t push their sexual orientation onto others to appease the woke cancel culture clan nor do they play victimhood. 

The following is one of the most heartfelt and powerful messages on why Americans should not be forced to celebrate an entire Pride Month annually or to celebrate it at all, if they choose. Watch Carl Higbie, a combat vet’s message to the ‘pride’ crowd on YouTube. It’s surreal. Kudos to Higbie.

My beef is with the LGBTQ horde that spews hate upon any citizen that disagrees with their rhetoric or how they push their views with no regard to freedom of speech or expression. These arrogant activists are paving the way from socialism to Democratic socialism to communism to Fascism to Marxism. I’m sure some in the Alphabet cult movement know it, while others are clueless pawns of the Deep State cabal’s (aka the Uniparty, deceptive Democrats, RINOs, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group, Big Pharma, Federal Reserve, weaponized DOJ, FBI, CIA) well-oiled fearmongering machine for the seizure of absolute power and control.  

The planned COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine injuries, the unscientific gender identity of transgenderism, the Black Lives Matter controversy, Critical Race Theory, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI), Environmental-Social-Corporate Governance (ESG), and the climate crisis hoax are tyranny tools of the Deep State cabal to manufacture a culture war in the USA to divide citizens and destroy freedom. 

My issue is with the specific gay politicians, whether conservative or liberal, that bestow extra rights upon the LGBTQ citizens with rainbow flags painted on public streets, rainbow-colored police vehicles, and displaying rainbow flags instead our patriot flag that represents the U.S. Republic, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights. What’s up with elected officials that dress in drag and lead protests through our public streets to demand special civil rights? 

My problem is with public schools that indoctrinate instead of educate. The gay agenda of sexual orientation has no purpose for being in the education system. Leave the children alone and stop usurping parental rights with fearmongering, virtue signaling, and culture-canceling. Children belong to parents not educators. 

Canadian religious activist group, Campaign Life Coalition, led a boycott for parents to keep children home from schools that have flown Pride flags, reportedly leading to high absence rates on June 1, including nine schools with absence rates exceeding 40% and two exceeding 60% in the Ottawa-Carleton school district, as presented in Forbes. 

Listen to a YouTube podcast by Jewish rabbi and Christian Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger, The Harbinger II, The Oracle, The Paradigm, and his upcoming book The Josiah Manifesto. Prophetic Message: Jonathan Cahn exposes the dark secret and the stunning mystery behind the month-long celebration that has taken over America and much of the world. “It’s June, that means it’s pride month. Rainbows are everywhere; on television, in department stores, on corporate logos in supermarkets and parades and children’s cartoons, even on the U.S Air Force website, even on the White House.” 

Peruse lists of woke companies HERE and HERE. 

The sleeping giant has awakened. And both conservatives and rational liberals are standing up to the tyranny of the Left’s wokeness that is seeking to destroy freedom, liberty, and justice for all. 

Say “NO” to the Marxist rainbow flag thugs (aka creepy Joe Biden administration and minions across the country) that are trying to usurp the American flag of freedom.  

What can you do? 

  • Attend city council meetings, school board meetings, run for local office, support candidates with your values of faith, family, and freedom. Support the American flag over the rainbow flag and voice your views. 
  • Protest peacefully at radical LGBTQ Pride events on public property. 
  • Have consistent conversations with your children about how to navigate LGBTQ events in schools and stand up for education not indoctrination.  
  • Teach kids to love and respect our U.S. Republic and the American flag. Recite the Pledge of Alliance every morning before school with your children. Fly the Red-White-Blue in your yard.  
  • Subscribe to conservative podcasts on YouTube that salute America and freedom of speech.
  • Boycott woke businesses. 
  • Gather in-person with like-minded patriots.
  • Pray that God will bless America – again. 

Sensible citizens are sending LBGTQ militants and their puppet masters a strong message: Don’t force us to celebrate your holiday, your sexual orientation, and your wokeness. And we refuse a Marxist government takeover.

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