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Four Children Found In Boston-Run Housing With 6 Drag Queens, ‘Drugs, Sex Toys,’ And Dead Body – Where’s The Mainstream Media Coverage?

Multiple sources told the Herald that “Some of the adults were dressed as women when first responders arrived at the scene,” the article continued. File photo: Wangkun Jia, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOSTON, MA – “Kids. Drugs. 6 drag queens. Sex toys. A dead body. A story sure to be memory holed,” proclaims Hot Air. Four young children were found living in a Boston Housing Authority-run (BHA) apartment filled with drag queens, “alcohol, drugs, sex toys, and a dead man,” according to an article by Breitbart.  

The four children, reportedly, ranged in age from five to ten years old. 

Watch WCVB Channel 5 Boston News Report on YouTube.  

“Four children living in squalid conditions while being hidden from first responders were found in an apartment filled with “alcohol, drugs, sex toys” and a dead man, according to an incident report and outraged officials,” reported The Boston Herald.  

“This is sickening,” said At-Large City Councilor Michael Flaherty. “I was informed by people at the scene that there were drugs, alcohol, sex toys all around the apartment as well as a dead body on the floor.” 

Multiple sources told the Herald that “Some of the adults were dressed as women when first responders arrived at the scene,” the article continued. 

According to UK Daily Mail:  

  • Fire officials found four children jammed together in a cramped room, surrounded by filth and a stench permeating the air. 
  • The children were reportedly being hid in a back room by men dressed in women’s clothing, who were uncooperative and denied having children inside. 
  • A transgender black woman was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a police report. 


My questions:  

  • Where is the coverage by the liberal mainstream media mob (aka USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Tampa Bay Times, The Hill, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CNBC, and so forth)? 
  • Will the militant LGBTQ cult movement members support these drag queens?
  • Will the cohosts on The View even discuss this horrendous and possibly criminal incident? 
  • Will creepy Joe Biden invite these 6 drag queens to the White House to celebrate Pride Month? 

The People’s Voice asks: “How is this not front-page news? A government subsidized apartment filled with sex toys, drugs, a dead body, possible pedophiles who demand you call them women, AND FOUR children!”

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