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Woke Mother Jones Magazine Begs For Financial Help From Subscribers & Readers – So Cringey

Mother Jones
Message to mainstream media mafia member (aka Mother Jones): Go woke – Go broke. File photo: Sharaf Maksumov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Oh, how cringey to see a woke cancel culture, virtue-signaling, freedom-bashing, loony liberal publication begging for money. Ouchy. How embarrassing to witness a Left-winger, biased news source prostrated on the floor of what appears to be a possible bankruptcy in the making. How humiliating for Mother Jones management to be on the street corner holding a tin cup with a sign begging for subscriptions and donations.   

Read the pleading fest HERE. Excerpts: 

“WE’LL BE BLUNT. We have a considerable $390,000 gap in our online fundraising budget that we have to close by June 30. There is no wiggle room, we’ve already cut everything we can, and we urgently need more readers to pitch in—especially from this specific blurb you’re reading right now.” 

“In “This Is Not a Crisis. It’s The New Normal,” we explain, as matter-of-factly as we can, what exactly our finances look like, why this moment is particularly urgent, and how we can best communicate that without screaming OMG PLEASE HELP over and over. We also touch on our history and how our nonprofit model makes Mother Jones different than most of the news out there: Letting us go deep, focus on underreported beats, and bring unique perspectives to the day’s news.” 

Here’s the deal: We need to come up with almost $6 million over these next three-plus months to finish our fiscal year break-even. That’s about a third of our budget for about a third of the year, so it can absolutely be done. But it’s going to take all hands-on deck. We’ve already cut all the expenses that we could from our budget this year, to make sure we accounted for all the headwinds journalism faces, and there’s no room for error. That means we have to raise about $650,000 in donations from our online readers by June 30. It’s a tall order—and more than we hoped we’d need to bank on—but we know that with your support it’s possible.” 

“Bottom line: There’s only so much crisis any of us can take. Is our budget reality a crisis for Mother Jones? It undeniably feels that way more often than it used to. But it’s also the new normal.”  

Message to mainstream media mafia member (aka Mother Jones): Go woke – Go broke. 

Hmmm. Mother Jones has bashed, trashed, and smashed Republicans, MAGA, and of course, President Donald Trump from the get-go. Are they experiencing the consequences? 

Excerpt from 2021 News Blaze: “Liberal media, represented by Mother Jones, is out of its mind. The liberal magazine has thrown out all of its guiding principles to become Vaccine Woke…The latest example is Mother Jones, once the grandmother of liberal media. As the FDA approved the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine for children aged 12 to 15 this month, the magazine published an article that struggled so hard to be pro-vaccine, it ended up bashing mothers, health activists and women!” 

Folks, at this point, it appears that not even a blankie, a sippy cup, and a nap will help the self-proclaimed progressive pundits at Mother Jones feel better. Maybe a vacation, a puppy, or a cookie would ease their dilemma.  

“The slogan on Mother Jones’ website is “Smart Fearless Journalism.” There are two things they need to change in that slogan to reflect their new reality. They could replace “Smart” with “Dumb.” Journalism might just need to be dropped altogether,” the article continues. 

The legacy of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, the radical labor organizer who famously said to “pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living,” has long been let down by the magazine named for her…” –Naomi LaChance 

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