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Queer Trans Project in Florida Admits to Mailing Free Condones, Binders, Packers, Knives, Tasers, Steel Batons to Children Without Parental Consent

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – Shocking. Sickening. Staggering. My stomach churned as I read a recent article from The Epoch Times investigation by journalist Jackson Elliott

After rereading the article and pondering on the arrogance of the radical transgender cult exposed in the story, I’ll add predatory and perverted to my descriptive words for any person or group that causes harm to gender-confused children and usurps parental rights. 

The Queer Trans Project (QTP) located in Jacksonville, Florida, is under the direction of Cielo Sunsarae, a biological woman who identifies as a man. QTP is part of the nonprofit American Trans Resource Hub. Sunsarae got her start at Equality Florida, the largest LGBTQ organization in Florida, as reported in the Florida Standard

The Queer Trans Project receives money from the George Soros-backed Groundswell Fund, Campaign for Southern Equality, Peace Development Fund and the BLM-funded Trans Justice Funding Project. (bold emphasis mine) 

Sunsarae brazenly admitted to secretly mailing transgender sex-change kits to “hundreds of children across the country.” 

  • The “Build-A-Queer” kits contain breast binders, condoms, fake male genitalia called “packers,” tape used to bind and hide male genitalia, and more.
  • The “Trans Self-Defense Kits” included a knife, a steel baton, pepper spray, a Taser, and instructions on how to use the weapons and were available to recipients of all ages, including children. 
  • Sunsarae offers advice on how to hide kits from parents in a YouTube video. Watch a video on TikTok on how she hides items from parents in the box. The binder is rolled up to look like a tee-shirt because “her family checks the mail.”  

After watching the aforementioned video, it’s my personal and professional opinion that Sunsarae allegedly posed a danger to children and adolescents with the harmful items included in the delivered covert packages.  

The QPT website states: “Do not order a binder that is not your size. Not only does this take away from your other trans siblings who genuinely need them, but it puts you at risk for injury.” 

My questions: How can children and adolescents be expected to know their binder size? Why aren’t the injury risks listed on the website? Do the QTP staff have any medical training? 

As a former child therapist, I contend that the potential for mental and psychological harm is boundaryless concerning lack of parental consent and the phases of child development for the package recipients. It appears that QTP is engaging in indoctrination and grooming for future hormone drugs and mutilation surgeries. 

My questions:  

  • Did any of the minors that received packages have diagnosed mental health disorders, suicidal ideations, cognitive delays, physical health issues?  
  • Did any children suffer from the health risks of tucking or binding items?  
  • Did any minors harm themselves or others with the provided self-defense weapons? 
  • Did any minors use the condoms as validation for having sexual intercourse?  
  • Did any of the parents/guardians contact QTP with complaints or lawsuits? 


Under Chapter 847 of Florida law, it is illegal to sell or distribute any material or product that is harmful to minors, including sexual devices, pornography, or other adult products, to anyone under the age of 18,” Florida attorney and medical freedom advocate Jeff Childers said. 

I would also guess it is illegal to use deceptive packaging or labeling to conceal the nature of the products being sold under Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act,” Childers said. 

Elliot reports that of all 50 state attorneys general contacted by The Epoch Times, only the Alaska attorney general was willing to comment on the QTP’s actions.  

Interesting. And why aren’t these elected or appointed officials speaking out to defend and protect children from the QTP products? We need to hear from governors and state representatives as well. 

“We are currently in the midst of raising $50,000 by September 2023 for our largest Build-A-Queer Kit restock ever,” boosts the QTP website. 

Our proudest accomplishment in the past two years has been providing gender-care resources to 900+ individuals, 91% were youth ages 10-25, in response to the increasing anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and violence in our state. We are proud to have distributed 500 Build-A-Queer kits (with a 30-min BIPOC VIP access window) and $6,000 in direct gender-affirming care funding to Black queer and trans individuals in 2022 alone. The recent launch in March 2023, alone received nearly 500 orders, far exceeding our 2022 numbers. Additionally, we have connected 12 individuals with round-trip flights to access gender-affirming care with a cumulative value of over $3500. 

My questions: Will these kits be mailed without parental consent to minors as young as 10-years-old again? What else, if anything, is QTP saying, doing, or sending that is not mentioned on the website? 

What can you do? 

  • QTP is using a PayPal fundraising website. Report the fundraiser HERE.  
  • Contact the Florida Attorney General, your state representatives, the U.S. Postal Service, and request an investigation into QTP activities. 
  • Contact Sunsarae at [email protected] and peacefully voice your concerns. Contact the sponsors/funders listed on the website. 
  • Contact the American Trans Resource Hub at [email protected] and their funders. 
  • Start a petition in your area against minors receiving the kits. Organize a peaceful protest. 
  • Contact the Dept. of Education, schools in your area, youth group leaders, PTAs, and educate them on harmful QTP kits for minors. Use social media to provide info on QTP to others in your circle of influence. 
  • Check all packages thoroughly that your child receives in the mail. Monitor their social media sites and contacts. You are the parent – therefore the tail doesn’t wag the dog. 
  • Seek legal advice if your child received a kit from QTP.  

Adults that request and receive the QTP kits is none of my business, but protecting kids from the misguided misfits managing QTP is my business. Leave the children alone.  

Kudos to investigative reporter Jackson Elliott for exposing the Queer Trans Project’s clandestine operation aimed at minors.  

Book Resources: 

  • “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness” by Dr. Miriam Grossman
  • “Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child out of the Gender Cult” by Maria Keffler
  • “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” by Abigail Shrier
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