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Our Voices Are Shut Down But Our Eyes Are Opened

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The American citizens need to stand up and demand answers to change what is happening before we lose all of our freedoms. File photo: Blvdone, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – It is hard to believe what we see or hear on the mass media. Satan is being openly celebrated in some schools, the entertainment industry, and some universities. Famous stars, corporate heads, and many powerful politicians are known to dabble in pedophilia, child trafficking and even being sexually involved with their own family members. From the media we hear snippets of once taboo behavior that is now becoming acceptable in our convoluted world. 

Almost everyone witnessing these contrary messages becomes confused, and overwhelmed as to what is actual reality. The national media has become an arm of the woke agenda. Anyone who disagrees with the wokeness is attacked or censored. Many Americans are learning that saying anything that is against the woke agenda will result in punishing consequences. Some non-followers of woke-ism are demoted, fired, or attacked for their traditional values at the behest of the media. 

Obese strippers provocatively shimmy down the runway while preschool children and their mothers approvingly smile and applaud these scantily dressed perverts.  Our government schools are teaching that whites are racist, a student can change genders without parental approval, and the USA is inherently evil. Our society is being attacked from every direction. 

With no discussion of the pros and cons of a previous perverted action, our present woke agenda has been established by powerful elites. They are presenting previous deviant behavior in a positive light to change the public perception of traditional actions to the negative while casting perversion as cool.

Anyone who stands up to protest abusive, criminal, or insane behavior to protect the innocent can become the culprit. Daniel Penny, an ex-marine retired sergeant, found himself in a NYC subway car when Jordon Neely entered. Neely was a career criminal with 42 arrests diagnosed with serious mental health issues since age 14. This deranged man introduced himself to the subway car full of strangers by stating, “I don’t have food, I don’t have a drink, I’m fed up, I don’t mind going to jail and getting life in prison. I am ready to die.” 

Anyone who heard this rant would be fearful especially with the random brutality that has recently been televised nationwide. The people in the subway car thanked god when Daniel Penny took charge with others to gain control. The passengers saw Mr. Perry as a protector not an instigator and they said so.

Nevertheless Mr. Penny has been indicted by D.A. Alvin Bragg who has made a career of being soft on crime and mentally deranged behavior. He has the perception that all blacks who commit criminal acts are victims of a racist society. Daniel Penny put his life on the line to protect innocent victims riding on the subway. He is being treated as a criminal instead of being hailed as a hero. Our US traditional biblical values are being turned on their head.

Another example of the conscious attack on our beliefs can be seen in what happened to Mark Houck and his family. Mr. Houck is a pro-life religious counselor who has committed his life to helping pregnant women have an alternative to abortion. 

There was an altercation with Bruce Love, an abortion advocate. According to Mr. Houck’s wife, Bruce Love, an abortion advocate, was verbally harassing the Houck’s 12-year-old son and invading his personal space. She related that her husband pushed Mr. Love away from their son. It was reported to the police, but no charges were made against Houck.

The next morning 25 officials arrived with guns drawn at the Houck home to arrest Mr. Houck. The seven Houck children and their mother were at home witnessing this frightening fiasco. The officials put Mr. Houck in shackles which made him appear as a violent criminal not as a religious Catholic protester who was attempting to prevent the killing of an innocent child. This was a warning to all pro-life advocates that they could be next.

The woke government is using intimidation to shut down the voice of the people. When government school officials adamantly state: we are more educated than the parents and should have more authority over the children than their parents. This is the ultimate Marxist tenant and is being proclaimed in the United States.  

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and self-protection no longer are viable rights in the US. From the top down, politicians, corporate heads, and medial elites, are working together to bypass our constitutional rights. The government is using psy-op techniques to quiet us while they impose a Marxist dictatorship preventing any questioning or discussion of what is happening to our nation. 

The American citizens need to stand up and demand answers to change what is happening before we lose all of our freedoms. 

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