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Rabid Rag Rolling Stone’s 5000-Word Hit Piece On Matt Walsh & Other Truth-Sayers Falls Flat

Rolling Stone
Matt Walsh said “Rolling Stone wrote a whole hit piece about me but never once even attempted to dispute any of my points or debunk any of my arguments. Because they know they can’t.” File photo: Ralf Liebhold, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Rolling Stone’s Comment on Twitter: Matt Walsh did not directly respond to Rolling Stone’s requests for comment, saying on Twitter that he would only reply if we publicly defined the term “woman.” 

Matt Walsh’s Pointed Comment on Twitter: Very sad about this Rolling Stone article accusing me of being a leader in the conservative movement and making a highly influential and successful film. This is terrible. Please stop giving me this kind of attention. It’s really very upsetting. 

Find the article HERE. Two journalists attempt to bash, trash, and crash Walsh’s documentary What is a Woman? It falls flat. SPLATT – their words slide down the wall with a splash and float into the proverbial story sewer. Hold your nose as you read the dreadful woke parts that mash scientific facts and smash biological truth.  

“In early January 2022, a few months prior to the film’s debut, Walsh had a little more than 767,000 followers on Twitter; by January 2023, he had reached 1.24 million. Over the past month alone, Walsh has gained more than 100,000 followers, and he now has over 2 million,” the article proclaims. 

That’s good news for Walsh and his fans. 

An employee at the bogus and biased Southern Poverty Law Center (aka mafia media mob for militant Left) weighted in with fearmongering remarks along with a mockingbird from Media Matters.  

“But the impact the film has had on Walsh’s reach has been undeniable. Walsh’s content largely dominates not just discussion of LGBTQ issues, but political discourse in general, on many social platforms,” the article continues.  

Hmmm. That sure sounds like a compliment. 

Additionally, a video titled “Matt Walsh STUMPS Transgender Woman With One Simple Question” is among the 20 most interacted-with political posts on Facebook this year, earning more than 20 million views and 620,000 interactions, the story notes.

Ahem. Amid sections of critical narrative, someone needs to tell the Rolling Stone writers they made Walsh look pretty good.  

The article took up space criticizing Oli London and his new book, Gender Madness: One Man’s Devastating Struggle With Woke Ideology and His Battle to Protect Children and activist Allie Beth Stuckey, the host of the Christian conservative podcast Relatableon TheBlaze TV. 

Stuckey’s Twitter Comments to Rolling Stone:  

Thanks for your email. Happy to be included in your Rolling Stones piece,” wrote Stuckey on Twitter, tagging EJ Dickson, a senior reporter for Rolling Stone. “Quick question: Do you still believe pedophilia is a ‘sexual orientation’ that can be satisfied by child sex dolls? Please let me know by EOD tomorrow.” 

In addition to a screenshot of Dickson’s email, Stuckey shared screenshots of an article Dickson wrote in July of 2014 titled “Could Child Sex Robots ‘Cure’ Pedophilia?” In the article, Dickson wrote that pedophilia “as a sexual orientation” is “potentially far more common than most of us would like to accept,” as reported on TIMCAST. 

“I’ve become convinced that we need to stop getting caught up in our knee-jerk reaction to adults having sex with children – however despicable we might find it, however legitimate our horror at the idea may be—and start focusing on rational solutions,” Dickson wrote. 

The tragedy of journalism is that these are people doing their best work.” – Tom Stoppard 

Back to the hit piece.

Kelly Cadigan, a TikToker and transgender woman that “started echoing many right-wing talking points about gender, saying that gender reassignment surgery for people under 18 is abusive, or that activists were encouraging kids to identify as trans” was also highlighted in the Rolling Stone rhetoric. “If you want to call me a conservative, call me a conservative,” she declared. “I believe in protecting children.” 

Kudos to Cadigan for standing her ground.  

Boff! Bonk! Pow! Listen to Walsh’s response to the Rolling Stone’s mumbo jumbo. 

Peruse 1,838 comments from his followers.

One fan replied: “To answer Matt‘s question, the reason why Rolling Stone did not spend any time trying to refute or debunk any of the content of “what is a woman“ is because that would require them to hire competent writers who are both educated and possess common sense. Since people like this are completely antithetical to everything that main stream and entertainment media stand for, all Rolling Stone could do is publish exactly what they did.” 

Another fan replied: “These people never go after they facts. The go after the person. Which is a sure sign you’re winning.” 

Kudos to Matt Walsh for exposing unscientific gender ideology and for helping children and families with gender identity confusion and transgender fairy tale fallacies. 

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