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Op-Ed: OutSFL Columnist Renders Racial Stab At “White, Heterosexual, Able-Bodied, Christian Males”

Jesse Monteagudo

MIAMI, FL – “The only group that does not have a month are white, heterosexual, able-bodied, Christian men but then, they are in control all year long,” laments journalist Jesse Monteagudo in a recent opinion piece for OutSFL, a LGBTQ magazine in South Florida. “First, I am happy to bring “Jesse’s Journal” to its new home, Out South Florida (OutSFL) and to do so on LGBTQ+ Pride Month,” he writes.

As a white-appearing, able-bodied, middle class, cisgender man living in South Florida I am barely affected by the reign of terror emanating from Tallahassee,” Monteagudo points out as he oozes advocacy for the radical LGBTQ crowd. 

So, Monteagudo has no problem with white, heterosexual, able-bodied, males from any religion – except Christianity. Interesting. 

Being proud to be married to a white, heterosexual, able-bodied Christian man, I find Monteagudo’s vitriol to be racist, sexist, and offensive. Being a white, heterosexual, able-bodied, Christian female, I question why any sensible human would lump particular individuals into one group and vomit venom – prejudice, discrimination, inequity.  

Having relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues that fit into Monteagudo’s bogus box of bigotry, I am speaking out for them as well.

Bam! Monteagudo spewed hate onto people of white skin; people of heterosexual orientation; people who work; people of the Christian religion; and people with biological male chromosomes and genitalia. He appears to be proud of his poisonous propaganda. 

Well, from his opinion piece, we can extrapolate that Monteagudo lacks tolerance for certain humans. Hmmm. Jesus was Jewish, Christian, heterosexual, able-bodied, and white when he lived on earth. 

He would fit in well with the creepy Joe Biden administration and especially with Richard Rachel Levine. Both bio men promote and support dangerous hormone drugs, castration, and mutilation for minors. Does Monteagudo also agree with cutting off healthy breasts and genitals of children and adolescents? 

Of course, Monteagudo referred to Proud Boys, Moms for Liberty, and Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis with the labels of “racism, homophobia, and transphobia.” Blah. Blah. Blah. Same ‘ole rhetoric and victimhood mentality from a radical LGBTQ whiner.  

At worse, they seek to destroy us. At best, they seek to erase decades of Pride and pressure us to feel shame again,” Monteagudo goes into full victim drama mode.  

Of course, there is always a possibility that a mentally disturbed person, assisted by our increasingly lax gun laws, might decide to take us out of our miseries, all to our leaders’ “thoughts and prayers,” he proclaims.  

Let’s review my columns: 

Hmmm. Monteagudo’s entire narrative fails to mention why citizens are standing up to defend and protect children from indoctrination, grooming, and sexualization of deviant drag queens in public places and half-naked queer males twerking in thongs and simulating sex acts on Pride Parade floats. How convenience that he skips the video clips exposing indecent behaviors at public LGBTQ events. 

Let’s review my columns: 

As I’ve said many times – adult male drag queens entertaining other consenting adults in adult places is none of my business – but leave the kids alone. Adults choosing drugs and trans mutilation surgery is none of my business – but leave minors alone. Adults choosing to read gay porn is none of my business – but leave children and minors alone.

Let’s review my columns: 

However, there is an entire community of responsible, rational, and reasonable LBGTQ individuals that are against drag queens indoctrinating, grooming and sexualizing children. They stand against perverts, predators, and pedophiles. They are against dangerous hormone drugs and mutilation of minors. They are against gay porn in public schools. Peruse the Gays Against Groomers website

Monteagudo ends his rabid rant with “Let’s make this year’s Pride something our enemies will long remember.”  

So, are his enemies white, heterosexual, able-bodied, Christian men or anyone that uses free speech to voice other views and opinions? Am I his enemy because I defend and protect children from the militant LGBTQ invasion? 

Yes, Monteagudo is entitled to freedom of speech – and so am I. The First Amendment  safeguards free speech in the United States, including hate speech. The First Amendment requires the government to preserve vigorous discussion on subjects of public concern, even if such debate devolves into disagreeable, rude, or bigoted speech and causes others to experience sadness, resentment, or terror.  

Obviously, the radical LGBTQ cultists along with the woke mind virus has fried Jesse Monteagudo’s brain cells as he engages in hate speech as he defines and combines a group of humans together. 

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