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The Dilemma Over Biden’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Eventually, it may become too hard for Joe Biden supporters to continue ignoring the obvious. At some point, even Democrat lawmakers may decide that the country is more important than the party. Image credit: Peter Lemiska  

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fifty years ago, embroiled in the Watergate scandal, President Nixon famously announced: “I’m not a crook.” Shortly after that, he resigned his presidency, rather than face impeachment.

Joe Biden hasn’t yet faced the threat of impeachment, and many of his frustrated critics want to know why. After all, he’s at the center of at least three major scandals, each of which is grounds for impeachment.

First, there is his deliberate defiance of America’s immigration laws, which has effectively eliminated our national sovereignty, and created the only nation in the world without borders. Under his dictatorial decrees, anyone can now illegally take up residence in our country without conditions and enjoy the finite benefits intended for American citizens. Millions of unscreened illegal aliens already have. It’s becoming clear that will not change as long as Biden remains in office.

Potentially much worse than that are the credible allegations and clear indications of bribery – political favors in exchange for cash. Bribery is specifically identified in the Constitution as a just cause for impeachment. The allegations by witnesses and whistleblowers have been corroborated by Hunter Biden’s emails and by James Comer’s investigation. Comer, House Oversight and Accountability Chairman, has already documented more than 10 million dollars paid to the Biden family from foreign companies and routed through various shell companies. The monies came from Romania, Ukraine, and even America’s adversaries, like China.

Establishing a direct quid pro quo is the next phase of the investigation. We’ve already seen highly questionable, often irrational policies coming from Biden’s administration following payments made to his family members. For example, there’s Biden’s cancellation of the China Initiative, and the Chinese surveillance balloon that he allowed to cross the country unimpeded. Other events strongly suggest that Biden is kowtowing to the Chinese government. Maybe it has nothing to do with those payoffs. Maybe the kowtowing comes free of charge. But all Americans should demand to know if their president is exchanging political favors for cash, if he’s selling out our country.

There’s also Biden’s unauthorized possession of classified documents – the same issue for which his Justice Department is doggedly prosecuting President Trump. The documents found scattered around Biden’s home and other areas under his control were generated during his vice-presidency and his tenure as a U.S. Senator. At no time did he have legal authority to possess them. He may be exempt from prosecution under the Hillary Clinton clause, also known as the “no reasonable prosecutor” exception. But there’s nothing standing in the way of Biden’s impeachment.

There’s also this to consider. When Democrat lawmakers frivolously impeached the former president twice, they lowered the bar for what was once a rare and solemn undertaking.

But will Joe Biden ever be held accountable by Congress? Even his harshest critics would acknowledge that there are arguments to be made against his impeachment.

  1. It’s doubtful the process would remove Biden from office. Senate Democrats would certainly block that effort. Though Democrats would prefer another presidential candidate in 2024, in troubling times, they know how to circle the wagons, and put party above everything else.

On the other hand, others would counter, Biden’s impeachment by the House would at least get his attention. The threat of an indelible stain on his legacy might even convince him to take Nixon’s route.

  • Those opposing impeachment would certainly raise the frying pan/fire argument. Even if Biden could be removed, America would be saddled with President Kamala Harris.

That’s a pretty sobering thought, but there’s also this to consider. The next election is just over a year away, and no one believes Biden is making any of the decisions coming out of the White House. The puppeteers pulling his strings would likely have the same arrangement with Kamala. In other words, things would probably be not much different with her as the new figurehead for a few months.

  • There’s one other argument against impeaching Biden right now. It would likely be seen as an act of retribution. Some Republican lawmakers, no doubt, fear a resulting political backlash.

This is the weakest of all arguments. It suggests that they’re thinking more like Democrats, putting politics over principle. Republicans should make their case, then do what must be done to save our republic. 

Watergate was about the burglary of a political campaign office. Back then, it sent shockwaves across the nation. Relative to today, it seems like a time of innocence.  

Joe Biden was recently asked about yet another allegation against him – that he’s using the DOJ to target his political opponent. He angrily denied any role in that prosecution, adding, “I’m honest.” His family members and his delusional supporters may agree that he’s as honest as the day is long. For everyone else, though, his announcement is reminiscent of President Nixon’s parting words.

Jim Comer’s investigation is pressing forward, and the recent revelation of 17 incriminating audio tapes potentially offers even more conclusive evidence of Biden’s corruption.

Eventually, it may become too hard for his supporters to continue ignoring the obvious. At some point, even Democrat lawmakers may decide that the country is more important than the party.

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