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Parents, Your Traditional Rights Are Being Attacked: Fight Back

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Our strong morals, our love for our families, and respect for people who live a God-fearing life has made America strong. File photo: New Africa, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Traditional parental rights are being challenged in our society every day. It is being done by presenting only deviant concepts in a positive manner while rejecting traditional values we assumed were part of being an American. Local and state governments are informing us that our present traditional culture must be changed to a “woke” one that accepts all deviant people regardless of their behavior or values.

Instead of focusing on our founding fathers’ brilliance in establishing a constitutional republic with the people having a Bill of Rights, our present woke culture has politicians leading us down a path of totalitarianism. These ideals negate common sense Biblical practices that have worked for centuries, replacing them with irrational bureaucratic dictates that bypass the consent of the people.

The family has been the bulwark against relying on government to meet individual needs. The family solved their own problems. As divorce has been glorified in Hollywood, videos, women’s magazines, and laws making divorce easier we have seen divorce skyrocket. Government programs help those who decide to end their marriage and have incentivized many couples going through marital difficulties to pull the plug. The negative impact on the family was rarely considered.

The breakdown of the family gave government intervention increasing power in individual’s lives and decreased the glue that held the free society together: the family. Divorce opens the floodgates to increasingly disturbed children, mental illness, and deviant behavior. 

Hillary Clinton said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Terry McAuliffe, former governor of Virginia stated, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Governor Younkin supported the parent’s viewpoint and won a dramatic upset victory as governor of Virginia. Nevertheless, presently many superintendents of local school districts throughout America are supporting the concept that union teachers are better educated than parents and have the right and knowledge to dictate to students what Marxist concepts and values they need to learn. 

Does our government on any level have the right to determine what should be taught to children, or do the parents? In the past the answer was definitively the parents. Presently the answer is unclear since the woke agenda with political leftists, corporate heads, union teachers, along with the omnipresent media, attempt to replace parents with celebrities, influencers, social media, and woke government officials to weaken our nation. 

This internal civil war is becoming more defined and more difficult to avoid. Satan clubs have been permitted in many schools, drag performances are allowed on school property performing their explicit acts in front of children and their parents. These actions on school property under the banner of education are direct woke attacks on the minds of innocent children. 

Even the biological concept of man and woman is being undermined by the mutilating surgery in gender transformation. A male or female can attempt to transition to the opposite sex. The process of utilizing hormonal drugs, surgery techniques and brainwashing is often confusing and devastating to children. This process is supposed to change the sex of the person rather than accept God’s will. In some of our public schools the officials are not even informing parents that their children are taking this radical sexual change path. 

 At the same time religion is under attack. There have been 300 attacks on Catholic churches. The LA Dodgers invited the sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to attend and receive an award for their years of community service. The groups motto is‘go and sin some more,’ a perversion of Jesus’s command to “go, and sin no more.” We are celebrating historically deviant behavior and attacking religions and the value of stable families This is service to the devil not God. 

The once confrontational organization NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association is passe. Pedophilia has not disappeared from our culture; it has just lowered its profile. However, it is still destructive to a young victim’s future. The negative consequences to a young victim can no longer be ignored. Blending back into the background of cowardice will only result in victory of a world of dreadful “wokeness.” Confronting sinful acts will stop them and return us to a world of strength and goodness. 

We all must stand up to this Marxist woke agenda as it effectively spreads its evil to obliterate everything that made our country good. Evil should not be condoned through silence. It will only be gotten under control again when good men and women stand up by their words and actions. As each of us does our part evil will recede and be replaced by goodness. It is the choice of each of us.   

Our strong morals, our love for our families, and respect for people who live a God-fearing life has made America strong. 

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