New Mexico Sonic Customer Finds Gram of Cocaine in Hot Dog; Employee Arrested; Would You Like Some ‘Coke’ With That?

A worker at a Sonic in Española is under arrest after a customer discovered a gram of cocaine on a hot dog she purchased only after she had begun to eat it, police say. File photo: Tada Images, Shutter Stock, licensed.

ESPAÑOLA, NM – A Sonic customer in New Mexico may think twice about answering the next time an employee of the fast-food establishment asks her if she wants a “Coke” with her order

A worker at the Sonic located in Española is under arrest after customer Celine Gonzales discovered a bag containing a gram of cocaine on a hot dog that she had purchased only after she had begun to eat it, police say. Responding officers tested the white powdery substance contained within the bag and confirmed that it was indeed cocaine. 

The employee, David Salazar, 54, was placed under arrest by officers on one felony count of cocaine possession. Police officers say they viewed surveillance video taken inside the restaurant, which depicted the suspect after making Gonzales’ order “frantically searching for something he had lost.” 

Salazar reportedly admitted to police that he had purchased the cocaine in the parking lot of the Sonic restaurant prior to his shift. 

This bizarre incident takes place in the wake of another fast-food chain making unfortunate headlines when the frozen dead body of the manager of an Arby’s in Louisiana was discovered locked in the establishment’s walk-in freezer last week. 

Nguyet Le, 63, was accidentally locked inside of an Arby’s freezer located in New Iberia, police say; authorities noted that foul play is not suspected, but an attorney representing Le’s family claimed that the lock on the freezer had been broken since last year but that the owners of the franchise made no attempts to fix it

Le’s son was the one to find his mother face down dead in the freezer, which was kept at a temperature of –10 degrees. There was blood on the inside of the door from where she had frantically attempted to escape before she succumbed to the bitter cold, reports say. 

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