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Uptick In Sexual Perversion, Transgender Mutilation, Pedophilia & Evil: Is There A Satan Connection?

In the early 1970s, interest in the occult in American culture was so high that TIME devoted a cover story to the topic, and a large portion of it was focused on Satanism. File photo: Alexkoral, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – One of the most sobering facts about life is that all humans have a supernatural enemy whose aim is “to use pain and pleasure to make us blind, stupid, and miserable — forever.” The Bible calls him “the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world . . . the accuser” (Revelation 12:9–10), “the ruler of this world” (John 12:31), and “the god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4). 

Modern culture, having turned away from God and to the gods is now marked by the same signs that once marked the ancient pagan world: purposelessness, emptiness, and hopelessness.” Do not be surprised because the mystery says, “A house that has emptied itself of God cannot remain empty. It will be seized and taken over by that which is not God. And when a civilization expels God from its midst, it never ends well.” – Jonathan Cahn  

The Church of Satan & Anton La Vey  

In the early 1970s, interest in the occult in American culture was so high that TIME devoted a cover story to the topic, and a large portion of it was focused on Satanism. “But the existence of Satanists as an organized, public group in the United States is a much newer phenomenon, much of which can be largely traced to one man: Anton Szandor La Vey, author of 1969’s The Satanic Bible.”  

La Vey founded the Church of Satan in 1966 in San Francisco. “Satan to us is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. We do not believe in Satan as a being or person,” is proclaimed on the website. “We are atheists.”  

So, the Church of Satan doesn’t believe in Satan. How ridiculous is that. Furthermore, do Satanists think humans, especially Christians, are clueless, ignorant, or stupid?  

So that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.” (2 Corinthians 2:11 ESV)  

The Satanic Temple 

Fast-forward to 2023: The Satanic Temple, not to be confused with the Church of Satan, was deemed a church in 2019 by the Internal Revenue Service and is tax-exempt. Find chapters in the United States HERE. 

The statue of Baphomet – a pagan idol used in popular culture as a representation of the devil, with the head, horns and feet of a goat, the torso of a man and the wings of an angel – is the centerpiece of the Satanic Temple’s headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. A white girl and a black boy look up in awe at the goat-faced demon. 

My question: Why depict young children instead of adults standing next to a devil statue? 

Christians from across America infiltrated The Satanic Temple’s SatanCon in Boston on April 28-30, where they met with and witnessed to atheists and satanists at what was billed as the “largest satanic gathering in history” reported the Christian Post. Evangelist Sean Feucht shared a video from the event on Twitter that showed one of the SatanCon speakers on stage ripping up pages from the Bible. 

My question: If a satanist doesn’t believe in God, why destroy a Bible? That’s not logical. 

“After School Satan Clubs have been steadily increasing in popularity and are not likely to slow as their supporters rack up media attention and legal wins fighting for free speech,” reports a 2023 article in The Hill. The clubs, associated with the Satanic Temple and offered only in primary schools, began at the beginning of 2020 and quickly gained attention from parents who wanted an alternative to religious clubs, according to June Everett, campaign director of the After School Satan Club. 

“Speak of the Devil: How The Satanic Temple is Changing the Way We Talk about Religion,” a 2020 book by Joseph Laycock, draws on interviews with over fifty members of The Satanic Temple as well as members of related groups, attorneys, and critics of The Satanic Temple’s campaigns. 

Table of Contents: 

1. The Day Satan Came to Oklahoma
2. Origins and History of The Satanic Temple
3. Satanic Schisms
4. The Satanic Reformation
5. Religion or Trolls?
6. Satanic Bake Sales
7. “Taking Equality Too Far” 

Hmmm. The Satanic Temple claims it neither believes in nor worships a literal Satan. Now, isn’t that interesting. So, did this group of misfits’ form for the sole purpose of mocking Christians under the guise of a benevolent cookie-baking clique?  

The Satanic Temple & Abortion 

Per a 2020 news story in the Christian Post, the Satanic Temple launched its Religious Reproductive Rights campaign, declaring abortion as a sacred “religious ritual” in an attempt to circumvent state regulations on abortion by exerting religious freedom protections. Watch the video posted on YouTube. 

Hmmm. Killing babies, made in the image of God, in the womb sure sounds a lot like the Satan exposed in the Bible. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10 ESV)  


Both the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple accept the unscientific gender ideology of transgenderism and the denial of factual biology. Disavowing Creator God allows them to reject the two sexes of male and female and perpetuate lies. 

Satanism & Gender Ideology Cult Movement 

U.K.-based designer Erik Carnell, owner the company Abprallen, is at the center of the calls to boycott Target. “Target furthered its commitment to advancing radical gender ideology this month when it partnered with a Satan supporter who called for the eradication of anyone who disagrees with the mutilation of children to supply transgender-themed merchandise to Target’s “pride” collection,” reports a recent article in The Federalist.   

Abprallen, an LGBT+ company based in London that sells apparel that includes satanic imagery including pentagrams, horned skulls, and references to the devil collaborated with Target to create the “PRIDE” collection. 

According to a 2022 article in the Post Millennial, Balenciaga was slammed for ‘Satanic’ head designer in wake of pedophilia controversy. “Balenciaga Chief Designer Lotta Volkova has posted images on Instagram of Satan worship as well as child torture, mutilation, and sexualization.” 

Infiltration of Drag Queens in Places of Worship  

My question: Is there a Satanic link to deviant drag queens (aka child predators and pedophiles) that groom, indoctrinate, and sexualize children? 

“Drag Queen Puts Out Music Video Mocking Biblical Christianity and Singing About Indoctrinating Children,” is a 2022 article in The Dissenter. Drag queens in tight-fitting attire sing and dance as their lyrics lecture and chastise the people in the pews. Watch the desecration on YouTube.  

My questions: What would motivate males (aka heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual) in dresses, wigs, and thick makeup to twerk in front of minors in church? Why would parents and pastors allow sexualization of children? Are they being deceived by demons? 


Cult Transgenderism & Pedophilia  

A trans-identified male politician (aka biological male identifying as female) Leigh Finke from Minnesota recently presented HF 1655, a bill which will remove the exclusion of pedophiles from the protected class of “sexual orientation.” 


Castration Under Guise of Transgenderism 

Eunuch is a castrated human male. From remote antiquity, eunuchs were employed in the Middle East and in China in two main functions: as guards and servants in harems or other women’s quarters, and as chamberlains to kings. The barbarous practice of self-mutilation and the mutilation of others in this way was prevalent throughout the Orient.  

“Castration after puberty, turning men into eunuchs, diminishes or completely eliminates the sex drive. Muscle mass, physical strength, and body hair are all typically reduced, and eunuchs are usually beardless. Breast enlargement is also common. In the most familiar example of castration to prevent cuckoldry, eunuchs have often been used as harem guards,” states an article in Psychology Today.  

Historically, however, eunuchs — seen as less likely to stir up unrest — were far more widely engaged as servants, military commanders and senior political officials, the article continues. 

Satanism & Sexual Perversion in Pop Culture 

Sam Smith and Kim Petras stole the show Sunday at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards with a duo performance that viewers are calling “demonic” and a “tribute to Satan” as they sang “Unholy.” The 30-year-old Smith wore a horned hat and dog collar while his dancers used “props that had allusions to BDSM themes,” according to a report. 

Via a 2021 article in The Daily Caller, Rapper Lil Nas X unveiled a limited-edition pair of “Satan shoes” that contained human blood and were limited to 666 pairs. The “Old Town Road” singer released the pair of shoes on March 29 as a collaboration with the custom sneaker brand MSCHF. The cost of the shoes started at $1,018 and contain ed“60cc ink and 1 drop of human blood.” The sneakers displayed a reference to the Bible passage Luke 10:18, which reads: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” 

Lil Nas X unveiled his music video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” in 2021 which depicted himself pole-dancing down into hell and giving Satan a lap-dance. 

Satan & Pseudoscience 

“Satan has been so successful in the arena of biological sex that Scientific American—once a widely respected publication—recently published an absurd piece titled “Here’s Why Human Sex is Not Binary.” Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S. “Yet it seems now that, in order to further the leftist agenda, Scientific American is willing to abandon biology that children can comprehend,” surmised an article in The American Thinker. 

Transgenderism, Violence Against Christians & Satan 

The suspect who killed six people at a Nashville Christian school is the second transgender-identified woman who has attacked a school since 2019. 

Breitbart previously reported “On Monday, transgender-identified Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, killed three adults and three children at the Nashville school. In 2019, Alec McKinney was aged 17 when she helped killed one teenager at a school in Colorado while she claimed to be transgender.” 

Mainstream Media Touts “Satanic Panic” 

And of course, the mainstream media mockingbirds are accusing rational and reasonable people (aka believers in God and people of faith) of engaging in “satanic panic.” The radical liberal loons manufacture language and assign labels to attack those that speak out against sexual perversion, depravity, and evil. 

“Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s” is a 2016 book by editors Kier-La Janisse and Paul Corupe and “features new essays and interviews by 20 writers who address the ways the widespread fear of a Satanic conspiracy was both illuminated and propagated through almost every pop culture pathway in the 1980s, from heavy metal music to Dungeons & Dragons role playing games, Christian comics, direct-to-VHS scare films, pulp paperbacks, Saturday morning cartoons, TV talk shows and even home computers.” 

For example, “Conspiracy Theories and the People Who Believe Them” is a 2018 book edited by Joseph E. Uscinski, professor at University of Miami. You can peruse his interviews and opinions in multiple rabid rags here.  

Alas, anyone that voices God’s truth is labeled a conspiracy theorist, a bigot, a hater, a transphobe by those deceived by Satan or by the minions that knowingly choose to follow him. 


Around the world, euthanasia, where doctors use lethal doses of drugs to end the lives of patients with terminal and chronic illnesses, is legal in Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain and certain parts of Australia. 

Canada’s euthanasia laws came into force in 2016 and resulted in around 10,000 deaths in 2021, according to an article in Forbes. 

Euthanasia is currently illegal in all 50 states of the United States. Assisted suicide is legal in 10 jurisdictions in the US: Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, Maine, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Washington. 

  • 10 States and DC Have Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) 
  • 9 states (CA, CO, HI, ME, NJ, NM, OR, VT, and WA) and DC legalized Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) via legislation 
  • 1 state (MT) has legal Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) via court ruling 

On January 17, 1938, the New York Times reported the official formation of the Euthanasia Society of America. In 1975, the Euthanasia Society of America changed its name to the Society for the Right to Die. It operated under that name until 1991 when it became known as Choice in Dying. In 2000, Choice in Dying began “evolving into a new organization,” called “Partnership for Caring.”  

My question: Is child euthanasia or assisted suicide for minors coming to America? 


Is the deception and working of Satan the hidden piece of the puzzle that connects the surge in sexual perversion, child porn in schools and libraries, the push for unscientific gender ideology, transgender castration and mutilation of minors, deviant drag queen predators, pedophilia, infanticide, and evil? To ask the question is to answer it.  

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12 KJV

Is America resigned to being a nation of child sacrifice, mutilation, and euthanasia? No, not when sane and sensible citizens stand up to defend and protect the children – and pray without ceasing. Read the book of Revelation – God wins.

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