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President Biden Has Characteristics of A White Supremacist

Howard University
President Biden gave a commencement speech at the 2023 graduation for Howard University in Washington D.C. The president stated loud and clear that “white supremacy is the single most dangerous threat in our homeland.” 

SPRING HILL, FL – Discussing racism is difficult. First of all, racism is difficult to define. Many people are white, pink, brown, or black shades of color. According to the government census blacks make up 12.5% up to 15% of the population. The majority of any race has mixed racial blood caused by interracial parentage, historical invasions and migrations throughout the centuries. Many individuals self-identify as a race for political reasons when it is advantageous to do so according to the policies of the government in power. If a government is going to handout millions of dollars to people who have a black heritage, there will be more people lining up on that line to be black. When free cell phones were given to “poor people’ there were citizens who became “poor” just to get the free phones.

To claim there is white or black supremacy is an attempt to divide and demean an entire group as if they are all the same. This tactic has been constantly used by communists to divide the population causing hatred between groups to gain power. Divide and conquer is an old proven tactic used by diabolical leaders.

In any racial, ethnic, or economic class there are honorable or detestable individuals. The United States was established by people from all over the world. Some came willingly with wealth and others, indentured servants, came with debt for their passage that had to be paid before they could gain their freedom, and slaves who had no money or freedom. Some slaves were freed by their sympathetic owners to live in the north and used their work ethic to live as free citizens.

President Lincoln freed the slaves in 1865 with the “Emancipation Proclamation.” Many people who were identified as black have gained positions of power and wealth. Some have achieved greatness in every field. Many have earned the American Dream. 

Yet in President Biden’s commencement speech to Howard University, he stated loud and clear that “white supremacy is the single most dangerous threat in our homeland.” He did not focus on the great achievements made by blacks. It was a speech to divide, not celebrate black advancements in every aspect of our society. The threat of white supremacy not the accomplishments of the black community was echoed by Attorney General, Merrick Garland, and homeland security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas and other high officials, although they never attempted to define “white supremacy.” 

Are all so called “whites,” white supremacists? Are Chinese, Hispanics, Indians, Russians, Bulgarians, and other groups included or excluded in this definition? This label of white supremacy should be offensive to all Americans. If a US citizen says something the Biden administration does not like, do they become a supremacist? What happened to our First Constitutional Amendment, Freedom of Speech? President Biden is a divider, not a uniter.

Are the woke media, intellectuals, and their young, impressionable communist leaning students’ intellectual supremacists? They should have been called out and attacked for their woke communist ideas. Many of them are white but are not labeled as “white supremacists.” Is it because their beliefs are woke?

Should the George Floyd violent riots in 2020 be called “Black Supremacy Riots”? These riots did far greater damage: burning, looting, and destroying property than the current white rejection of communist ideas that are part of the media agenda. The Black Lives Matter movement should have been called the “Black and White Intellectual Supremacy Movement.” The explosive 2020 summer by BLM advocates has been cancelled by the woke political media attempting not to prejudice the public against all blacks. 

There is no specific definition of white supremacy. Are all non-blacks “white supremacists?” Can blacks be white supremacists? The definition of “white supremacist” is not specifically defined as it would enrage all Americans. It is cowardly to scapegoat innocent people to shut down their freedom of speech. White supremacy must change with the unpredictable political events. It is a fluid definition since specifically defining it would immediately demonstrate its falsehood.

Tim Scott, senator from South Carolina and Larry Elder, a republican commentator who ran for Governor of California, both questioned the ridiculousness of “white supremacy.” The Biden advocates immediately called them the “black face of white supremacy.” This means that anyone who questions “white supremacy” is a white supremacist. This circular definition shows it cannot stand on its own merit.

President Biden has always been an opportunist. In his early political years, he aligned himself with anti-black Dixiecrats to help his career. He was not a liberator of blacks but a separate-but-equal proponent. He is not an advocate of integrating blacks into society but a politician who was attempting to win favor with them by attacking whites with the white supremacy rhetoric. 

President Biden has several mansions since he became a millionaire as a government employee. Certainly, he is not the “average Joe” but likes to project this image. In fact, if there ever was a white supremacist, he could check all the boxes. 

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