Play-by-Play Broadcaster Glen Kuiper Fired After 17-Year Career for Using Racial Slur on TV While Referring to Negro League Museum

Glen Kuiper
NBC Sports fired Oakland A’s broadcaster Glen Kuiper on Monday after a 17-year career because he used a racial slur live on air before the May 5 game between the A’s and Royals. Kuiper apologized later in the day during the sixth inning.

KANSAS CITY, MO – After he was put on an indefinite suspension for using a racial slur during a live Major League Baseball television broadcast, the results of a subsequent investigation into the incidentresulted in Oakland Athletics play-by-play broadcaster Glen Kuiper being fired on Monday after a 17-year career with the team

During a pre-game show on May 5, Kuiper was speaking on-air about the activities he had engaged in earlier that day with A’s TV analyst Dallas Braden while visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. Unfortunately, while describing the experience, Kuiper let loose with an offensive, racially-charged word against black people (warning: clip is uncensored), seemingly oblivious to his horrific faux pas. 

“We had a phenomenal day. (N-word) league museum, and Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque,” he enthusiastically said. 

Kuiper apologized later in the day during the sixth inning of the A’s matchup against the Kansas City Royals, saying that his words “didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to” and offered his “sincerest apologies.” 

NBC Sports California suspended the broadcaster indefinitely and launched an investigation into the incident; on Monday, citing “a variety of factors, including information uncovered in the internal review,” they announced that his employment with the team had been terminated. 

“Following an internal review, the decision has been made for NBC Sports California to end its relationship with Glen Kuiper, effective immediately,” an NBC spokesperson said. “We thank Glen for his dedication to Bay Area baseball over the years.” 

It is unknown is NBC had made the decision to fire Kuiper solely for his use of the May 5 on-air slur, or if other information had come to light that contributed to their decision. However, a video was recently posted on Twitter (warning: clip is uncensored) that appears to depict Kuiper making the exact same use of the N-word when referring to the Negro League leagues in 2020. 

Again, Kuiper appears not to take notice of the slur and continues to talk unabated. 

Kuiper had been the play-by-play man for the A’s for 17 seasons. 

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