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Wilton Manors In Florida Votes No Drag Queen Entertainment at Stonewall Parade in June

Wilton Manors
Stonewall Pride Parade, as one of Wilton Manors largest lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) organizations, is the oldest Pride celebration. Wilton Manors, Florida – June 15, 2019. File photo: YES Market Media, Shutter Stock, licensed.

WILTON MANORS, FL – Recently, the members of the city commission in Wilton Manors, Florida, made the right and lawful decision about “live adult entertainment” for the upcoming Stonewall Pride event in June. No drag queen performances in public places around minors. 

Both Jeff Stirling, CEO of Stonewall Pride Inc., and Mayor Scott Newton moaned and groaned, according to an article in South Florida Gay News

Mayor Scott Newton opined, “We’re proud to have drag queens and the transgender community come and walk and ride in floats down Wilton Drive. And that’s not going to change, not on our watch.” 

My questions for Mayor Newton: Are the drag queens going to leave their phony breasts and cleavage at home? Are they going to refrain from making sexually inappropriate remarks to the crowd? Are they going to cover up their genitals? 


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Per Queer News Tonight on YouTube: Wilton Manors Changes Stonewall Festival Permit To Comply With Controversial New Law. “…the panel voted unanimously to amend the party’s permit to ensure compliance…” 

Michael Rajner, chair of Broward County’s Human Rights Board, said, “We are not safe in Florida, but we stay here. Some of us are going to stay here and fight. We hope we have enough Democrats that are registered that will vote and we can start stemming that tide.” 

So, it appears that Rajner is in favor of adult men shaking their junk while children observe and role model the twerking and jerking. Let’s talk about safety for children. 

The new permit language reads: “Organization responsibilities to Include language regarding a possible new state law pursuant to SB 1438 and HB 1423 (Florida 2023). These bills, which are anticipated to become law, prohibit performances in violation of section 827.11. Florida Statutes,” as noted in the article. 

What’s wrong with the picture? Neither the article in South Gay News nor the news commentary on Queer News Tonight mentioned the protection of children from witnessing adult males in thongs, pasties, and lipstick while engaging in sexually explicit dancing and prancing – which is the crux of the new legislation.  

The radical LGBTQ Pride members won’t acknowledge the bill is for the purpose of shielding minors from gyrating adults with mammoth fake breasts and bare buns hanging out – as they simulate sexual behaviors. 


Why can’t the Pride organizers, trans activists, and the LGBTQ community put concern for minors ahead of raunchy entertainment that belongs in a strip club and schedule a drag queen show in a private building – with NO children in the audience. What is so difficult about that?   

Although begrudgingly, the elected officials made the correct choice. 


Hopefully, Florida’s Pride organization and other LGBTQ associations in all counties will put kids first – if not, there’s a new sheriff in town. Add other eyes may be watching with hidden cameras to defend our most innocent citizens – the children. 

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